Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunny Jim's Pheasant Encounter.

Sunny Jim the cockerel is becoming very proprietorial about the ladies. Although at the moment the 'Wing Commander' still has the upper hand, or should I say wing, when it comes to who is in charge.

They are both very good natured as cockerels go. But I suspect that when Sunny Jim realises he is younger, fitter, and stronger, he will be the big man around here.

Until this morning I had never seen any sign of aggression from Sunny Jim, so I was surprised at his violent reaction to a wild pheasant who had come to help himself to some of the hens food.

The poor pheasant tried to escape, but could'n't get back through the wire fence. What a carry on!

Of course Sadie the German Shepherd, hearing the commotion, tried to get involved, probably with a view to eating the pheasant.

Between us there was a lot of shouting, barking, clucking, and squawking, but eventually after reasoning with everyone, I was able to calm the situation.

The pheasant, despite all the shenanigans, somehow regained it's composure, and managed a dignified retreat. Sunny Jim developed a sudden romantic interest in the little black bantam, and Sadie the German Shepherd, returned to gnawing on a bone.

Me, well I was an emotional, and exhausted wreck! So I went and had a lie down to recover.

Bonnie the cat, was eating her breakfast at the time this happened, and was not involved in the fracas. Which was very fortuitous for the pheasant!

PS Blogger is saying this was posted by Artful Little Sketchbook. This isn't true. It was posted by me Don't Unplug Your Hub. I don't know why this is. Or why my signature has suddenly acquired a white border!


  1. I always get a smile when I come here. Talk about fracas in the farmyard. Okay, I know it isn't a farmyard ... just an expression...grins. Glad the pheasant left unscathed.

    Blogger is trying to prove who's boss, I reckon. On my followers list there's a nice array of posters pics, and against one that is normally known as Don't unplug your Hub it is now listed as Artful Little Sketchbook. That's how I came to visit you earlier today. Who gave Blogger permission to confuse me, that's what I want to know.

  2. I don't mind the white border...gives you a bit of importance! Your header says Don't unplug your hub....your profile says you are Artful little sketchbook. Will the real John Bain please stand up!
    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane. I think you may have solved this for me. I shall go and try to sort it out. x

  3. I find a lie down cures most problems .

  4. Hi John, I published both your comments and they have both disappeared...I have no clue what's going on!
    Jane x

  5. One wonders about the realms of blogger's mysteries. I love your writing style, you had me giggling. Sounds like the regular farmyard shenanigans. keeps you off the streets.

  6. It sounds like you have a way with birds! (Ha, ha, not a way with words, get it...no, well, I do try to be funny!)
    I am wondering, if a blogger has the little boxes to tick at the bottom (you have funny, interesting or cool), why don't more people tick them? I almost always do, I put a tick mark next to funny for this.

  7. all that excitement definitely called for a lie down.

  8. The world of nature is very exhausting. I'd like to think the pheasant had learned a lesson but they must be the world's stupidest birds, so I am sure it hasn't! :)

  9. You live an exciting life, John. No wonder you needed a lie down!

  10. I have an amusing picture in my mind of the pheasant trying to walk away in a dignified manner.