Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Highly Professional, Though I Say It Myself, Look At Birds.

I am very pleased to inform you that I am now a professional bird photographer, and have, despite the excruciating pain in my big toe, right foot, doctor informed, been hobbling around the place, capturing many of our avian friends, who grace my place with their presence and visit my bird table.
A big white duck swimming, or might be just floating. Click to enlarge.
I have to say this bird photography is remarkably simple. Here is a photo of some small brown birds, a few little ones with blue bits, some yellow bits, and one even had some white bits, and a robin. I recognised the robin immediately, without even looking in my book! At least I think it was a Robin. Hard to be certain, because it had it's back to me. In all honesty it could just have been another brown one. But it was quite fat!

Various birds. Look closely, the big ginger one is a hen. Click to enlarge.
Now then, how exciting is this? Not one, but two buzzards circling in a blue sky! I was so excited that I managed to capture this. Many bird watchers with far more experience than me, have never taken a photo like this. They might not be buzzards. Hey, they could be eagles. Even more exciting! No, we don't get eagles around here. They could be escaped from a zoo though. Although that would have made the local news, and I've heard nothing. Yes, probably are buzzards. Far too high to be certain. On the other hand perhaps they are little brown birds and just look far away because they are small. No, I think they are buzzards, definitely!
Buzzards. Possibly. Click to enlarge and be certain.

Can't you see it? Click to enlarge.
The above photo shows quite clearly, if you look closely that is, a brown bird with a bit of white on it. It is on the table, lower right. Yes it is!

This next shot is nature in the raw. Not only does it show a large black bird, possibly a crow, or maybe a rook, but, and I did not spot this at the time, there is a wild cat, carrying a rabbit! It could be my cat Bonnie. I have had the feeling lately that she is fed up with dry food. At least it is not a bird!
Nature in the raw. Click to enlarge.
Well, I do hope you have enjoyed sharing my new hobby with me, and that your life has been enriched by the experience. Why not have a go a bird photography yourself? You might one day reach my standard of expertise. Although that is most unlikely. But never give up. I didn't. As you can plainly see.

I realise that you might be tempted to copy these photos, but I have to tell you I claim copyright. Oh all right then, help yourself. We're all friends here.


  1. I think there's something wrong with my

  2. I am most impressed with the buzzards, I didn't realise they flew so high that you couldn't see them, but it was the big white duck that excited me the most.
    Look forward to more stimulating photography from you.

  3. John where were you when I was a bird rehabber and was trying to identify the birds brought into my care?
    Yours is just the expert eye I needed!
    Jane x

  4. Yes, I see them now. What fabulous shots. You should write a field guide and become wealthy. Just a thought.

  5. Now you'll be hooked on bird photography. I started the same as you and could never stop.

  6. Great nature hike, John! I put you right up there with 80% of the hike leaders I've been with!

  7. I'm sure if I had my glasses on I might have been able to see the birds quite clearly :)

  8. I love how blogger makes the pictures so much bigger now; I think I actually saw a bird ;-)

  9. I'm in awe of your abilities John .Fantastic pics , love the scenery ,please keep this up ?