Friday, 23 March 2012

The End Of A Footballing Era.

Twelve years now I've been taking my extremely handsome son George to his football training on a Wednesday evening, and to the match on Sundays.
Great ball control!               Click on pictures to enlarge.
That has finished now

This Wednesday just gone, was the last training session for his team, and on Sunday they will play their last match together, before they all go their separate ways, and head off into manhood.
When he strikes the ball, you had better get out of the way!
Twelve years I've been taking him to play a match on Sunday mornings. Rain, hail, sleet, or snow. I have stood on the touchline, cheering the boys on.

I have been soaked to the skin, and frozen to the bone.
He may be the smallest on the pitch, but he can still knock you flying!
I have been told off, warned off, sent off, called rude names, challenged to fights, and been the challenger. I have a tendency to get carried away you see.

I have been a referee, a linesman, a white line painter, a clearer up after wayward dogs, a filler in of holes, and a litter picker.
My extremely handsome son George.
I have paid the training fees, and the match fees. Although I have to admit that on occasion, when I have been short of money, I have avoided catching the club treasurers eye.
Look at the size of that goalkeeper! Is George bothered? Not a bit.
I have paid what I considered to be ridiculous prices for astroturf boots and football boots.

Despite my dislike of buses and coaches I have travelled miles on them to away matches.

I have cried with my son at times, but mostly we have laughed and had fun.

Twelve years.

I wouldn't have missed a minute.


  1. Bittersweet, of course. For us it was wrestling meets for nine years. Steve was a small take-down specialist.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I understand your feelings. I have 3 sons who I cheered and coached in little league baseball. My daughter was in dance class (for some reason she isn't into sports). My grandchildren all seem to specialize in a different activity. We have baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, violin, wrestling, and ice skating. Then there are all the activities that are not as important to them as the main ones. Whew. But it is sad when they are older and move on. Perhaps EHS George can find a more adult team and you can get back to the ride.

  3. I can identify with how you might be feeling. You certainly have been highly involved in your very handsome son's football! Kate our eldest has had a wonderful involvement in swimming that came to a halt a month ago. Swimming had been a big part of our lives. Like you we don't regret any of it!

  4. You are a good dad. Is he going to continue in to senior football? I love football and follow my Brisbane Roar team ardently. They are second on the ladder in the A-League and they qualified for the Asian League Championships.

  5. Memories, you have plenty. My son was sporty, first football, then rugby. I wasn't allowed to go and watch, being a woman it was thought I would be a bad influence. Can't think why, myself 'cause I never wrapped him in cotton wool.

  6. It's cricket with us, and I think we'll be having the same experience next year. I hope your extremely handsome son George can find another team he enjoys playing for and then you could carry on your support (though hopefully without having the financial burden).

  7. I know exactly how you feel. For me it was little league baseball. Of course it wasn't a 12 year thing but it was sad when it ended nonetheless. Best of luck to George and his team in their last game together

  8. This is a beautiful post. This is how I felt when my son was finished with Boy Scouts.
    Tempus fugit, eh?

  9. The end of an era for you and George, but some fantastic memories to look back on. You sir are a dad in a million.

  10. You will both remember these times for the rest of your lives!