Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Where Is The Justice?

It's not my intention to depress you my dear readers, but something has upset me considerably today, and I am having trouble coming to terms with it.

I really ought to stop reading newspapers, because these days in one way or another they only serve to upset me.

What's happened, you may be asking?

There is a bloke whose name is Adam Hewitt. He is 25 years old. In 2007 a family court judge found that Hewitt was responsible for fracturing the skull of his then girlfriends baby. The police failed to charge him when the incident first happened. They again failed to charge him despite the family court finding.

Hewitt later formed a relationship with another woman. Guess what? Her baby suffered 11 fractures and ended up in a coma with permanent brain damage.

So two babies brain damaged. Hewitts sentence? Five years! This means he will be out in 2 years. Where is the justice?

I know I shouldn't think like this, but I can't help hoping he gets a bloody good hiding in prison.

On the same day, two people got eight years each for doing a bit of gardening, and growing a few 'herbs'.


  1. it never makes sense to me how they come up with the sentences they hand down. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly

  2. It seems as if more and more babies are being hurt and killed by the ones who should be protecting them from harm. Are humans regressing on the evolutionary scale? I agree with you. This is not justice and a child's life is worth more than that. The "justice" in these cases is not only shameful but it hurts our souls.

    1. I don't know where my last comment went..but I said that..
      the law is indeed an ass, my friend.
      Jane x

  3. John, another good reason not to read the news because it can show such depressing articles. Like you, I do hope that this young man gets treated to an appropriate retribution

  4. I agree John, those stories always break my heart. And more often than not, it's not their child they hurt. They are left to 'babysit' and can't handle it when the baby cries. The story never changes much. But men who hurt babies are not looked at kindly in prison and we can only hope that he gets his justice in there.

    On a lighter note, I love your new header shot! You have the most interesting things on your property.

  5. I so agree John. Seems if you are charged and innocent need a good lawyer.

  6. Agree entirely, there is no justice. The only good thing is that he will be treated to a few batterings from the inmates. Even the toughest criminals don't like people who harm children - and especially babies. The older I get the more I think and eye-for-an-eye is good policy.

  7. I agree that five years is far too little, although I'm not sure what kind of sentence would be appropriate. Ten years with a further five on license, intensive anger management therapy and a ban on living or working with children for the remainder of his life, perhaps. I'd like to say life, but we can't do that. If there were no difference in the sentences between somebody who has seriously injured a child and somebody who has murdered a child then there'd be no reason for these people to stop at injury, although I know if it were my child I'd want them to stay behind bars for a very, very long time.

  8. As you say, no justice! And whose going to protect the other babies out there that he might get his hands on when he's let out of jail again? So sad for those poor little ones.

  9. I have the solution.

    The world is never going to change, things like this have been going on since time began and human beings are the pits (not all of them). Give me animals everytime.
    My solution is: I never buy news papers
    I do not own a t.v. (although the licence people seem to think I do and that am trying to cheat them) lol
    I watch selected programmes on my laptop.
    I try to only listen to radio programmes that do not contain much news.

    Maybe I'm an ostrich, but if it makes me happy then that's the best thing for me. I am far too sensitive for this world as I think you are.

    Love your honest posts.