Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Any Colour You Like, As Long As It's Green Or Cream.

I decided to let a little more light into my studio! This should make quite a difference. I will let you know.

This is my latest painting. This window only exists in this painting. I painted it without reference to anything, apart from my memory. When I was a boy all outside paintwork was painted mainly either green or cream.

Provisional Title: 'Section of sash window with net curtain'. Oil on board. 24x14 approx. Click to enlarge.

My first ever job was as an apprentice painter and decorator. I hated it, and left after a few months to join the Merchant Navy.

Ironically, in the Merchant Navy I spent most of my time painting the ships. Fortunately none of the ships I served on were green or cream!


  1. Chris has an aversion to grey....especially battleship grey!
    Jane x

  2. could get a little damp in that studio if it should start to rain :)

  3. I believe I heard a saying once that a ship could be any color... as long as it was battleship gray.

  4. Definitely should be lighter in your studio. Looks like you were destined to paint!

  5. I once moved into a house that had a battleship grey living room. Who would want that? We repainted it very quickly. Not green or cream, though.

  6. That looks a bit drastic...hope we don't get a cold snap. lol

  7. Is that what you call air conditioning? I love green - on plants.