Thursday, 9 February 2012

This Time Next Year I Will Be Famous.

It's 1-30 in the morning. What am I doing up at this time? Well actually it is not unusual for me to stay up most of the night. I am definitely a night person, and it's becoming worse as I get older. I've been sitting here, half watching drivel on the tele, waiting for the next painting to form in my head. It is there, the idea, I am just waiting for an element of composition to arrange itself, and off I will go.

I feel like the proverbial artist in his garret, surrounded here as I am, with paints brushes etc, and the smell of linseed oil and turpentine all pervasive.The canvas is there too on my battered old easel, staring at me blankly, with a hint of reproach at my tardiness. But I am determined not to be rushed.

It seems an age since I made any money. It is an age. Whether from art or any other means. When the warm weather arrives I will have to get out there and persuade the public to sit for portraits. Also I feel a determination to hold an exhibition, and not just in the ramshackle gallery I am making here.
Memory from childhood. Title: 'The wicked Miss Dee at bath time'. Click to enlarge.

I did earn something today though. My friend Chris the builder phoned me. He had killed a couple of rabbits whilst digging with his JCB, and knowing of my phenomenal bushcraft skills, he needed me to gut them for him. He intended to make a rabbit stew. Good for him. Waste not, want not, as the saying goes.

He paid me for this service: Three bags of logs and a bottle of red wine. I don't particularly like wine, but I might drink it. Just to help me forget how much I owe the bank!

Being an artist is not an easy life. I started being serious about it almost 50 years ago. I have sold lots of my work over the years, so there must be some merit in what I do. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to a young person as a way of life though.

Now here I am approaching 65 years, and do you know what? I think I can paint OK. I have a belief in myself. I'm going to be famous! World renowned! Yes that's right, world renowned!

Well you know my work, and some of you live in other parts of the world to me. Could you do me a favour please? Spread the word. Thanks. Much appreciated.


  1. I'm off to pin this painting on Pinterest. I like most of yours, but this one is charming.

  2. Maybe if you talk to Cindy she could give you some ideas on making money as an artist.

  3. That's a cracking picture, John. Love Miss Dee's devil horns. An exhibition would be good.

  4. John, I do hope you become world famous. I can tell everyone I know you!! Maa

  5. Thank you Sharkbytes I see some interest there already
    I will have a look at that blog Diane
    Valerie you always make me feel good about myself.
    I will still be your friend Susan even when I get famous.

  6. Painting is a beautiful art form, but the most profitable art is the art of marketing. :P

  7. John, the life of an artist is never easy and profit seems to be elusive to many artist friends I know too. Have you considered listing you works online as several bloggers sell things via etsy. Just a thought.

  8. I agree with Dan, marketing is the hardest part of any craft or talent. But it's something you have to do, even if it sounds like you're bragging. But if you don't do it, who will? I love the detail in this painting, right down to the bottle of poison.

  9. I read one of your comments and appreciated what you said and wanted to have a look at the guy behind the comment. You have a nice blog here. I salute both you and your talent. Fare thee well.

  10. You mean you aren't world renowned already? I thought you were. :) I also happen to like your paintings. I agree with Beatrice, Etsy might be a good place to market your paintings

  11. Hope you make your fortune some day soon. You deserve to be rich and famous as you are a damn good painter!

  12. Like the picture of wicked Miss Dee. Do you have a gallery of your work on the site? I didn't realise from your site that you were an artist, and obviously a good one I agree that it is no way to make money unless you are a self publicist (I suppose you're too old to suddenly discover you are a transvestite or remember all the people you ever slept with to put on a quilt, or even to pickle a shark? Just asking). Anyway I will spread the word and maybe you can put a prominent note on your blog directing readers to the paintings.

    Writing is not a way to make money either but to be honest I would have asked your friend to share some of his rabbit stew.