Monday, 27 February 2012

Sadie The German Shepherd Ponders A Question.

Today I was sitting loyally beside John as he tried to hammer a large nail into a piece of timber. It was a hard wood and the nail kept bending. John was patient, well, quite patient. The swear words were muttered rather than shouted out loud. Each time he would remove the bent nail, hammer it straight on the anvil and try again. After several attempts, he finally saw sense, and drilled a hole for the nail to go through. At last. Success!

Having finally achieved what he had set out to do, he turned to me with a smile, and said, rather smugly I thought: "Now Sadie, if you were human, you would be capable of doing things like this. If you were human you could help me around the place instead of just sitting there looking bored. Don't you wish that you were human Sadie?"

I didn't answer. I never do. But I did ponder the question. The conclusion, and the answer I came to, amounted to this. I have a roof over my head. I have a bed to sleep in. I am well fed. I am loved. These things are enough for me.
Sadie Bain. The German Shepherd.
Humans always seem to want more. Are never satisfied with their lot. I could go on and on about humans, but I don't want to be a bore.

So, the answer to John's question is a big, fat, emphatic. NO!

So there you have it. I wish you love. As you know, love from my species is completely unconditional. Humans can't say the same.

                                                Sadie. The German Shepherd. x


  1. Sadie, I often ask Lucy if she would make me a cuppa! She hasn't done it for me yet! Could it be that I spoil her and give her too much? Susan.

  2. I think we dogs have got it made. We learn to do the things that we find useful and just play ignorant otherwise. For example, I can open my human brother's bedroom door so that I can steal his socks but I don't need to learn to close it, so I haven't. Love from Alfie x

  3. Sadie, we animals are so very wise...if we were human we would have to work for a thanks!
    Pippa,Oscar,Zoe,Fleur,Sydney Jacob,Duncan, Heathcliff,Abigail, Gwendoline, Imogen, William, Madelaine.xx

  4. I think my dog would feel the same way. They are easy to please and only need the basics such as food, shelter and the most important...LOVE. Sounds like Sadie has it made.

  5. I completely understand and agree with your answer Sadie. Mine would be the same if I were asked that question.
    Your pal Duke

  6. Sometimes i look at Molly my wee dog and say to her "Molly I wish I was you".....Usually after the post man has left a very undesirable letter. .. Then I also wish she was big enough to scare him away from my postbox!

  7. Sadie, you are a wise animal. You are completely satisfied with your place in the world and you enjoy that fact.