Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mr Messy

You may have met in me one of the worlds most untidiest people. Take this morning as an example. Actually if I'm honest perhaps you had better take the last several mornings. I look around the place and think to myself: 'this place is a mess'.

So what I do then is I make a plan of action as to how I shall deal with this self inflicted mess. Having made the plan in my head, and full of good intentions, Sadie the German Shepherd and I go off for a walk. It is usually during the course of this walk that my plans go wrong. Life intervenes, and my mind becomes as cluttered as my abode.

It is this cluttered mind which rules my waking (and sometimes sleeping) life. It is this cluttered mind, which results in me spending my days running around like a blue arsed fly, doing a bit of this here, and a bit of that there, and in the end accomplishing very little.

That is what has happened here. When I woke I was full of good housework intentions, and then I thought, 'hey! I'll blog about this!'

So you see, my untidiness is not really my fault. In fact it's your fault. If you hadn't been on my mind, I could have got such a lot done!

Sorry that's not really fair is it. I can't blame it all on you. There is another culprit. Surfaces. I have too many surfaces. If on the odd occasion I see a bit of clear surface I can fill it within seconds.

Oh well, I can't stop here chatting all day, there are things to be done. Now where did I put that duster? Ah here it is.

Hey look Sadie, the suns come out. "Walkies!"


  1. LOL you describe my life elegantly and down to a tee John. X

  2. Uh oh. We should never be in the same space. We'd fill it to the ceilings. I know those surfaces. Including floors.

  3. The header painting is clever. Loved it. What was that about surfaces? I seldom see a surface in my workplace. Glad to see you have the important books on yours.

  4. What's a surface? What's housework? What's a duster?
    Jane x

  5. There are just so many things that are more interesting than cleaning a clutter. I guess the best way is to grab one thing and put it away as you go past on the way to a more fulfilling pursuit.

  6. ah yes, great minds do think alike :) They may be cluttered but they are great

  7. I see in those pictures many of the same type of things that clutter my work area and house. It seems like a few minutes after I get something cleaned it's worse than when I started.

  8. We are kindred spirits, John. I can hardly see my desk at school for papers. Thank goodness we have some other redeeming features! You need to move into a bigger house.