Friday, 24 February 2012

Thank You God, For a Young Mind.

A couple of days ago I had to cut short my walk with Sadie the German Shepherd. After just a few hundred yards, I had to turn around and limp slowly, painfully back home. The reason: Severe pain in the toes of my right foot. This is one of those intermittent niggles that goes with getting older I suppose.

There is also an intermittent pain in my left arm. This can cause me to swear out loud, when I turn it in a particular direction. Well, you might say, don't turn it that way. But I have to when I'm getting dressed.

The small of my back was killing me one night last week. Mind you I had been standing at my easel for ten hours.

These are I suppose, simply the consequences of getting older. I am getting older. The mirror, that hateful sheet of glass, loves to remind me of the fact.

My brain on the other hand, seems to delight in concealing the aging process from me. Constantly telling me I can still do the things I used to do.

In my mind I can still run, my feet hardly making contact with the earth, as I hurtle along. I can dribble a football like Georgie Best, or even my extremely handsome son Georgie Bain. I am still the grooviest mover at the Saturday night dance.

Georgie Bain about to score from a corner kick.
The reality hurts sometimes, and not just physically either. But despite it all I am still grateful for this life I have. Still able to enjoy it. Perfectly capable of taking a little pain.

Because at least I am still here. Given the chance to grow old, when so many, so many that I have known and cared for, and loved, were taken too soon.
Come on now, cheer up! I didn't mean to depress you. Let's all count our blessings.

Anyway, can't sit here all day. There is still loads of work to be done on the 'Ramshackle Gallery'.  


  1. I look in the mirror and wonder where 'I' went. If you see me on one of your walks, please send me back.
    Jane x

  2. My body starting packing up on me about 10 years ago and gone downhill ever since. My mind's still ok (or at least, I think it is) but that's what scares me most. I'm like you, though - I still think I can dance, run and do everything I used to and it still shocks the hell out of me when I try and discover that I can't.

  3. I have said for several years that old age did not sneak up on me... it just ran up and tackled me! At least our minds are still fairly sharp.

  4. Well said. Every day is a new pain to deal with and nobody warned me it would be like this, but I look great when I look in the mirror without my glasses on and I feel young in my mind so who cares.....
    Love your paintings

  5. John, someone said that you are only as old as you feel, so does that mean if we feel like we're in our 20-30s it will be so? Like you, I too am thankful to be up and moving and realize that the aging process while unpleasant is inevitable.

  6. Yep, old or dead, that's what I always say. Think I know what I'd choose.

  7. "That hateful sheet of glass". Love that! I work for an older couple and even though I have my share of aches and pains I'm more grateful that I'm still able to get out and about and have fun. I'm going to keep enjoying life for as long as I can.

  8. Growing old is a pain, pun intended. But as you say it is better than the alternative. My worry is that my brain is deteriorating too. I can never remember where I put stuff.

  9. Yes, I have one of those mirrors. Do you think I should take it back to the shop since it's obviously not right? Loved the way you worded this 'age-old' problem. At least advancing years can't affect your writing and painting.

  10. Glad you made the time to share your ageing thoughts and pains. Don't worry you are as sharp as a tack! You are right that we need to be grateful for life!

  11. My mind also attempts to hide the aging thing from me and it has advised me to avoid mirrors.
    When I wake up grumbling because of aches and pains I try to remind myself that it beats the alternative