Sunday, 11 December 2011

Success And Failure From This Dedicated Clothes Horse.

Early last week I made a decision to try and write a post every day. Well that resolution didn't last long did it? Yesterday was a fail.

Last night I got back late from visiting my neighbours John and Yola. I was just simply to tired to write.

I had been at John and Yola's house because John was going to record a song which I had written. We managed to get it recorded and uploaded, or should that be downloaded? I'm never sure. Anyway I have also now got a CD with my song on it. It is only a couple of minutes long though. I should have written a few more words.

After listening to it a couple of times.. a half a dozen times..all right then, what seemed like hundreds of times, I have gone off my song a bit. Shame really. At first I thought it was fantastic, a sure fire hit. Now I am not so sure. Anyway it is now inside my computer as well. Unfortunately I can't find it. I might put it on Utube later. I will let you know.

Don't worry though, I shall still talk to you all when I am famous. Our budding relationships are too important for me to dismiss lightly, even though the song is called: 'Walking away kind of man'.

I also spent time yesterday trying to fix yet another leaking tap for Tricia. I really should have left it well alone. My repair attempts were unsuccessful, and only succeeded in making things worse. Luckily I found an isolator valve, and so only one tap is affected. I have an intense dislike of plumbing. I don't know why I bother trying. Yes I do, I'm trying to save money. The plumber said he is coming tomorrow, which means hopefully we will see him sometime in the next week.

Another job yesterday was to cut lots of firewood. Easy enough, except the chain kept coming off the saw. Eventually I got the job done, but it took a lot longer than it should have.

Also I have been commissioned to make one of my painted sticks. It is going to be a Christmas present for some lucky man, so I started work on that.

My extremely handsome son George came to the woods with me and Sadie the German Shepherd. We found some really nice twisted branches which I cut to dry ready to make walking sticks with next year. Do you know when the best time is to cut branches off trees? When nobody is looking! I'm not sure if I should be cutting them, but hopefully you won't tell on me.

George took these photos of me, because he thinks I look so sartorially elegant. I always was a dedicated follower of fashion. Don't laugh, please. It was flipping cold outside.

So that was yesterday, a mixture of success and failure, but quite busy. That's why I didn't write a post yesterday. Too knackered to think straight.


  1. I do believe your extremely handsome son George was making a bit of fun of you. It happens. I had hoped that would end for me when my children were no longer teenagers. No such luck and now my grandchildren have joined the chorus. Families are a blessing.

  2. You look like a Canadian trapper!
    Jane x

  3. Yes, John, you can be excused from doing a daily post because of all those other things you were doing. I did like that hat and glad George took photos for you to show us your style.

  4. A dashing photo and a man of many talents. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! Good luck with the potential hit!

  5. A designer walking stick AND a recording ... Fame! Soon I shall be able to point to you and say 'I know him' just to make people jealous.

  6. My upstairs toilet cistern is leaking and it over fills. It's dripping onto the flat roof. Do you think you could come and fix it please :O))

  7. Plumbing is always enough to knacker anyone.