Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Having A Bit Of Trouble Sleeping In The Right Place.

I feel a bit under the weather today. Nothing I can describe to you. Just that feeling of being what used to be called 'one degree under'. Probably, if I had some Alka Seltzer, I could take a couple and feel better. But I don't have any, so that is one remedy ruled out.
I won't write a post today. To be honest with you I haven't thought of a subject anyway. So feeling a bit 'iffy' is a good excuse. I expect to be fully fit again after a good nights sleep. Which incidentally I did not have last night. My own fault. I went to bed early. It is never a good idea with me. Actually, while I am here I might as well tell you what happened. Not that it is very interesting. But as I'm stuck for anything to tell you...

Last evening at about 5 oclock I made myself a cup of tea and sat beside the fire reading the newspaper. As I read the paper I found myself dozing off. I woke up when the paper fell on the floor. I began reading again and the same thing happened. I tried again. This time I was woken by Bonnie the cat jumping on me. This startled me,and I threw her off rather crossly. She is persistent though and jumped back on to my lap. I quickly forgave her, and this time we both drifted off to sleep.

The fire had gone out when I next woke up, and it was very cold in here. So cold in fact that I thought I may as well go to bed. If you are finding this as boring as I am, please feel free to give it up. I promise I will not be offended in the slightest.

It is one of my small pleasures in life, a hot water bottle. There is nothing quite as delightful on a freezing night as snuggling in bed with a hot water bottle. Well yes of course, there is one thing as delightful, but that was not going to happen last night, so I had to go with what I had.
As I mentioned earlier, it was freezing cold last night, so bed was a good place to be. I tried reading a book. But it was no good, I soon found myself drifting off again.

Incidentally. when I say it was no good, I don't mean the book. The book is very good. Bill Bryson wrote it. It is titled 'Down Under', and it is about his travels in Australia. But I still dozed off while reading it. However, just to make things clear, it was not Bill Bryson's fault. He writes very well.

So anyway, I snuggled down and tried to sleep.

It was hopeless. Do you think I could sleep? No I could not. Despite the fact that I had been falling asleep all evening, when I was in the right place for sleep to occur it would not.

Sitting up in bed I turned to my book again and was soon asleep. Until I was woken by the cold. I snuggled down again. No, once again wide awake.

You are not still there are you? Why? This is so tedious that I was thinking of stopping. But if you are still reading it would be very ill mannered of me to stop.

Anyway eventually I must have slept, because I woke up again. Sweating. The weather had changed. It was blowing a gale outside, and pouring with rain. It was no longer cold. The temperature had risen so much that I discarded the hot water bottle, turned the pillow over to the cold side, and stuck my arm outside the duvet.
It didn't help. I still couldn't get back to sleep.

So I got up. Made myself a cup of tea and sat in my armchair, to finish reading the paper. Which is where I was at first light when I woke up.
All of which probably explains why I feel a bit rough today.

But I don't want to bore you with the details. That is why I am not going to write a post today. Hopefully I might have something to talk about tomorrow.

I am off to bed now. I am tired.

Good night. God bless.  


  1. Not at all boring ,John, was most Zzzzzzz.
    Jane x

  2. A wheat bag instead of a water bottle might help. They never go cold. Anyway, that aside, I hope tomorrow is another day.... sleep well.

  3. You are much better at not having anything to write about than I am :)
    I hate it when I nap before bedtime, I can never fall asleep then

  4. Yup... I tend to fall asleep on the couch, but always wake up with a stiff neck when I stay there, so I'm trying to cut that out. But then when I get in bed, a really comfortable bed, I can't sleep... lots of chapters of News from Dead Mule Swamp were plotted in the dark.