Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Short Story.

Today's post is in line with my new resolution to try and write something every day. Sometimes these posts may be rather short. The word 'short' is entirely apt for today, because I shall be talking about height.

I am not a tall person, and that does not bother me in the slightest. Hah! This from a man who never tells lies. Blimey O'Riley! That's two lies in quick succession.
My extremely handsome son George in his best bib and tucker.

There has been a slight concern in my mind, that my extremely handsome son George, might be shorter than me, once he attains adulthood. I cannot explain why I have had this concern. It certainly has never bothered him that he is usually the shortest lad among his mates. In fact he believes that being short in stature is a positive thing, particularly in the gym and on the football pitch.
Sitting on the bench he helped to make, which has since been undermined by rabbits. Hence the notice.

Lately I have noticed that he seems to be catching up heightwise with some of his friends, and perhaps he is no longer the shortest. This pleases me.

We were walking together along the pavement today, my extremely handsome son George and I, when he suddenly put his arm across my shoulder, and hugged me to him. Nothing unusual in this, he is a very loving boy. Takes after his dad in that respect. But do you know what he said, as he hugged me? He said:
"How are you doing little man?"

Yep, today my boy is taller than his dad. I'm pleased about that.


  1. "Little Man" Too funny! My husband's sons tower over him, the youngest is 6'7". Many years ago I was driving home and I saw the two of them walking down the alley. I thought in my mind, "oh isn't that nice, a man and his boy are out for a walk." But when I found out it was them, I laughed because I thought the shorter one (my husband) was the boy.

    My poor daughter is 16 and barely 5 feet tall, she hasn't grown in several years. It's probably as good as it gets. She's not short, she's fun sized!

  2. Oh wow, I just love that car. Tall or short, I think your son is very handsome.

  3. Your wonderful short story reminds me of the time I was walking with my oldest son in the grocery store. I turned to say something to him and I screamed out loud. The poor thing was wondering what to do to help me and other customers were staring. I knew my children were growing up but it was the first time I had ever looked into the eyes of one of them and those eyes were the same level as mine. When I explained that to him he just shook his head at this doddering old woman.

  4. A good post that I can identify with. I'm not really tall either. I'm considered to be about average height, but I think of myself as short. My brothers and I are all taller than my dad, and I know he liked that a lot.

  5. "Little man" haha. I don't think of you as short. Om is only 5'6"

  6. I'm only 5'2" and my ex husband is 5'5". My son looks down on both of us but my daughter got the shortest end of the deal coming in at 4'11" :)

  7. Your son is indeed good looking. Must had come from the dad. Lovely to write something everyday. I will more to read then. Never get bored reading your post.