Saturday, 3 December 2011

No Time Like The Present Or The Past.

Last night, I was lying in my bed reading. At least I was, until I came to the end of the book. When I had to stop reading. I always feel a sense of sadness when I come to the end of a good book. Last night I felt sad to finish the novel 'Night Sky' by Clare Francis. It really was a good read.

After I had put the book to one side, I was still wide awake, so I got to thinking. Which was a bad mistake. What popped into my head, were thoughts about where time goes to when it has passed. Yes I know, crazy isn't it? I nearly drove myself nuts thinking about it.

In particular I was thinking about the six seconds I have to wait, when I first switch on this computer. After the six second wait there is a double beep sound. I then have to strike the F1 key, and then it connects to broadband.

This never used to happen when I first had this computer. It always went straight to broadband. I must have upset it in some way, however, because now, as I say, there is the six second wait.

I wondered if I would regret losing all those six seconds off of my life, when the time comes for me to leave this mortal coil. To pop my clogs. To kick the bucket. To turn up my toes. To start pushing up the daisies. All of which euphemisms are used in order for me to avoid saying the word, O.K. then, whisper it, death.

Could it be that in my final moments I would be able to appeal to God for just a little more time?

"Oh come on God, be fair mate, I can't leave yet. What about all those six seconds I had to wait for the computer to fire up? There were lots of them. Please God, please, just have a quick count up. I bet it comes to at least another hour."

Or maybe he is a bit like a football referee,and takes lost time into account, and has already added it on. Yes that will be it I suppose. I can't really see The Almighty forgetting to add extra time, at the end of this game called life.

Oh well, it was just a thought.


What time is it where you are? Here it is 9.15 pm. A month ago, if I had been sitting here, it would have been 10.15 pm. But the clocks go back in the Autumn. So we lose an hour, but we get an extra hour in bed. At least we do on the first morning the clocks go back. I'm not sure if it happens every day. My mathematical dyslexia has set in. I can't think straight. Perhaps we simply sleep during the missing hour so we don't miss it. I don't want to think about it too much, because my head will start aching like it did last night.

You know those times when you are on a plane, and you have to adjust your watch as you go through another time zone? Well what happens to the adjusted time? Yes I realise you get it back when you come home, but what happens to it in the meantime? What would happen if you didn't come back? If you only had a one way ticket. Is that time lost forever to you? Suppose it was added on time. Would you have to live the rest of your life, an hour or so ahead of everyone else? That would be awkward. It would mean that you would always be eating your meals before the rest of the family. That is just one example, of the chaos which would probably ensue.

Anyway, I think I'll leave the subject there for now, before I drive you as crazy as I am. I will just leave you with this thought. Today is Saturday. On the other side of the world, Australia for example, it is Sunday. Now that is very strange. What it means is, that in Australia, people are reading this, before I have actually written it! How can that be?

Maybe I have it all wrong. I am a little bit tired. I promise you, not a drop of alcohol, has passed my lips.

I'm off now to find an aspirin. Oh my aching head!

I'd better find another book to read too. Before I start thinking again!


  1. Oh flip, my head just exploded!
    Jane x

  2. Time is an interesting concept especially if you don't have much of it. I'm one of those in Australasia, New Zealand to be fair. No we are not a state of Australia. I'm one of those who enjoy your blogs. Thanks for your regular comments on mine. Appreciate your humouring me!

  3. Phew! Anyone got an aspirin? My daughter is ahead of me in time in Australia but I refuse to worry about it. I do remember when my mother (also in Oz) sent me news about the Profumo affair (might have been before your time) because she'd heard the news and thought I hadn't. By the time I got the letter it was old news! Oh well, I thought it was funny at the time...grins.

  4. When I started reading your post I was sure that it was Sunday morning 8:50 a.m. but now I'm not so sure. I'm so confused. Maybe I should go find a book to read so I stop thinking about it. Or maybe I could just yell "do over" and start again :)

  5. It's 8:00 am here, but more importantly what time is it at your place? Are you sleeping, or getting ready to? I'm more fascinated by the time differences in different countries. My husband occasionally talks to a woman in Japan. In order to do that, we have to figure the 16 hour difference, unless it's Daylight Savings time here, which they do not observe. Great post today.

  6. I am afraid. I completely understood what you were saying. As far as meeting your maker, perhaps there will be a six second delay and then a beep before you can even talk to him! HELP ME!!!

  7. Maybe life is really the same as that six second delay in your computer. We might be in that boring waiting moment before the good stuff happens.

  8. I can get my head to spinning everytime I think about time... like the fact that if I'm in the back of a canoe the person ahead of me is in the future because they are where I will be in a few seconds but I am in their past because they've been there, so we are not in the same place but we can talk to each other, and meanwhile, the river is moving and the earth is spinning and the earth is revolving and the universe is expanding, and... so what does a watch or clock really mean.