Monday, 19 December 2011

Sadie The German Shepherd Gives Out Some Stick.

Hi everyone it's me, Sadie the German Shepherd. You do remember me I hope. I do part time work as John's protector, in exchange for food and a bed. Occasionally I am called upon to protect his sensitivities also. Which is why I am writing this today on his behalf.

He's in bed, hidden under the bedclothes! Yesterday took a heck of a lot out of him emotionally, what with the anonymous comment and all. Blimey! He moans all the time about my whining. You should hear him today! Whimpering away under the blankets, like a little lost puppy. It's not even that he is upset! No, he is just finding it hard to come to terms at the amount of support you gave him.

"They like me Sadie," he keeps sobbing, "they like me."

Then he grabs me and cuddles his wet face into mine, hugging me around my neck, and kissing me. I hate that kissing stuff! I'm a proud German Shepherd! Get a grip John. No! Not of me you wimp. Get a grip of yourself, for heavens sake!

Anyway, lovely people, if he wasn't such a pathetic emotional wreck, I am sure he would be here himself to thank you all for the way you rallied to his defence. I know how grateful he is. But to tell you the truth, I think he really only has himself to blame for what he now describes as 'the nasty comment'. You know, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. That's my take on the situation.

Tough love that's what he needs. All your nice remarks about what a good writer he is, have softened him. To such an extent that one unexpectedly harsh comment, causes him mental anguish. Don't let him kid you otherwise. He was definitely shaken.

That is that, I hope. End of subject. Water under the bridge.

We went for a walk last Saturday. Well we go for a walk most days, but Saturday was different. We went for a walk in connection with his latest money spinning project. We were looking for walking stick material!

It involved a bit of a drive. John finds it stressful having me in the car. I tend to get overexcited. I do the whining bit at full volume. He shouts at me to shut up, but I just can't help myself. Then he starts whining too. Trying to drown me out. It doesn't work. I tell you one place you do not want to be, is in the car with the two of us at full throttle!

We walked across fields for a mile or so. I did enjoy it, even though I wasn't able to pick up my usual neighbourhood  messages. Eventually we came across a likely looking area of woodland, and ventured in. Well, you should have heard him!

"Look Sadie, look! It's walking stick heaven in here. Look at that one! Look at this one."
We were in walking stick heaven.

The way he was going on, you'd have thought he'd found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He is such a kid at times.

Anyway off we wandered. It was lovely in the woods out of the wind. We were in a sheltered valley. It was like a little eco climate. Things were still growing, things that really ought to have bedded down for the winter. It was so still. Warm even, and as I say, full of walking stick potential.

Guess what happened? Go on. Have a guess what happened to John, the self styled 'bushcraft expert'. He got lost! Hilarious! He didn't have a clue where he was. Completely disorientated!

"Now then," I heard him muttering worriedly to himself, "where was the sun when we came in?"

Actually it didn't matter where the sun had been, because it had since clouded over.

Mr Intrepid then made a decision, and began marching in a determined manner, in totally the wrong direction. Of course I knew it was the wrong direction, but didn't let on, because I enjoy a long walk. Whatever direction we go in.
Things were still growing.

After a mile or so, we heard the sounds of a major road in the distance, and using his powerful sense of deduction, Mr Clever Dick realised that we should be heading the other way, away from the road.

Eventually, more by luck than good judgement, we made it back to the car, just as darkness was falling.

When we got home John consulted the ordnance survey map to determine where we had been. He discovered that if he had turned left or right we would have been out of the woods in about a hundred yards. We had been lost in a narrow strip of woodland! For over two hours!

What did he have to show for it? One stick! There are thousands of them. He couldn't make up his mind. Which means we'll be going back there. I can hardly wait. I'm so excited I think I might start whining at any moment!

I'm going to get him out of bed now. That's enough of his self pity. I'm hungry, and he has his duty of care towards me to fulfil too.

                                          Thanks again for everything.

                                           Lots of love Sadie. x  and John.


  1. It's a good job you're a dog with extreme patience. It can't be easy but you cope with situations very well. Let me know if orders are being taken for walking sticks... I'm fussy about the style. Daft I know, but mine must have a round handle to hook over the arm, and it has to be shorter than most 'cause I'm not very tall. That should entail a much longer walk for you, Sadie. Off you go now and tell the boss it's time he stopped whining and got out of bed.

  2. Sadie....could you please tell John I called in with this message.
    "After you finish beating yourself up for having a senior moment in the little wood, (with that stick you found I hope) you have some news awaiting on my blog."
    Congratulations and Merry Christmas.

  3. Don't worry Sadie, John wasn't really lost.. he was just 'branching' out in a new direction.
    Jane x

  4. It is so nice to hear from you again, Sadie. You do have a tough time of it, but your dedication to John is admirable. If he were to take a compass with him when he is out he would have less difficulty finding his way.

  5. Sadie is as handsome as it's owner and his son. I would love to give him a hug and a kiss too, if I were there.

  6. Sadie, I feel your pain. I too deal with a human on a daily basis. They are a fussy lot aren't they? They really should learn to be more like us dogs.
    Your pal Duke

  7. Sadie, it was very good of you to post today since John wasn't getting out of bed. You are indeed man's best friend and a pretty good blogger too.

  8. Sadie- it takes real talent to get lost in a strip of woods, so you need to treasure that fellow.