Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Upset The Narrow Minded, Without Really Trying.

It seems I have upset someone. My last post didn't go down too well with them. I don't know who, because they chose to comment anonymously. All I know about this anonymous person is, that they have been following my blog for several months and that they describe themselves as a fellow creative spirit. Oh yes and also that they have been enjoying it. Oh, and also that they think I am a bit pathetic. Oh, and that I make stereotypical comments about women. Oh, and that I have let them down. Oh, I almost forgot this bit, they also apologise for having a sense of humour. I don't get that bit. Why apologise for that?

That is all I know about the anonymous person. I could I suppose, make assumptions about the type of person they are. Things like whether they are male or female for example. Or why they would choose to comment anonymously, when it only takes a second to add your name. I could wonder why they accuse me of being stereotypical when they have just demonstrated their own stereotypical leanings. I could also tell them not to liken themselves to me, because I am not narrow minded like them. I could, but I won't. Because that would make me sound stereotypical, and I would hate that.

Apparently I should not make comments about women past a certain age! Well really, what age would that be? Is it all right if I make comments about young women, or very elderly women? I presume, having reread my last post that the age I shouldn't comment about is the mid fifties. Notoriously touchy, women in that age group, what with the menopause and all that. Blimey! Did I just say that? What am I like? Typical man, stereotyping women like that!

So you have a sense of humour do you Anonymous person? Is that right? Do you really believe that I actually do care about women wearing their knickers on stage. It was a fun post! More about the rubbish that passes through my mind than anything else. I found the thought amusing and expanded on it. Lighten up for goodness sake!

Honestly, I did not mean to disparage women of any age. I love women! I love them at all ages, I love them short and I love them tall. I love them fat, and I love them thin. Maybe not too thin though. It is nice to have something to get a hold of. Oops! Did I just say that? Typical man! Typical stereotypical man!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, realise by now that a lot of it is written with my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek. In fact, I think I am very self deprecating in many of them. That is my way. It is not in my nature to deliberately provoke someone. If I have hurt anyone it is unintentional, and I apologise.
But you know, if I am going to write, I shall continue to put down my thoughts as they occur in my fluttering mind. Happily lots of you enjoy some of the nonsense I write.

You know, just because someone makes a statement that you disagree with, it does not mean it is wrong. It simply means that you disagree with it. Which of course you are perfectly entitled to do. Even if you have to do it anonymously, because you are worried about people knowing what you are really like. We are all entitled to our opinions. There is no need to hide a deeply felt belief. Hiding behind anonymity is, if I might say so, a very stereotypical thing to do.

Some time ago a comment was made by a regular reader, a lady whose comments I value, that I might, at times enrage you. At times sadden you. At times amuse you. But that I would always entertain you. That was a good comment. I liked that. It hit the nail on the head.

Stereotypical? Me? Are you sure Anonymous person, that you have been reading the right blog? If you have been, perhaps you had better stop. Because I am too old to change now. There is plenty more where that came from.

You say that like me, you have a creative spirit. I doubt that. Creative minds don't function too well on a narrow waveband.

By the way Anonymous, just in case your comment was intended as a jokey put down, which I realise it might be, you know, what with you and me both having a sense of humour, I would just like to say haha! That is how I took it. I wasn't upset at all. Never gave it a moments thought. Didn't dwell on it for a moment. Totally unconcerned by it. What anonymous comment? Never even noticed it. Completely unfazed. Absolutely unaffected by it. Typical bloke, that's me! Real stereotypical unfeeling bloke! Just like all men!

Thank you Anonymous, for being the catalyst for this post. I need all the help I can get.


  1. I read the comment in question, and the post it was on. There was nothing pathetic about your post, and the Anonymous commenter has a lousy sense of humor.

    They also missed the point entirely, I think, choosing to focus on a few sentences they disagreed with. It's easy for a reader to get upset when they ignore the bigger point just to get upset over some unimportant minutia.

    Did I spell that right?

  2. You made me laugh!
    Jane x (50 in Feb, feminist, ex Royal Navy, but not yet into big knickers)
    Jane xx

  3. Also, this post became a catalyst for my own post. Anonymous has started a chain reaction.

  4. LOL! Hey John...are you sure that you don't know "Anonymous"? Just asking.

  5. Mmmm....why comment...thongs or cottontails? .....just move on. Maa

  6. Miss Anon probably was having a space between hot flashes and you got in the way. Keep teasing us, some of us like it.

  7. Good post John. I think you are one of the most brilliant writers I know. And I would never classify you as some who stereotypes women. I believe most of your readers are women and I don't think we would stick around if we felt that way. Keep on keepin' on!

  8. I agree with all the above comments. You have said what you needed to say very well. I look forward to every one of your posts to see what gems you will impart on any particular day. As you know I will respond to any part I find lacking in tact even if I know it is meant in jest. And you are free with an appropriate response as well. I think it might be a she and perhaps she focused too hard on one thing and forgot to view the overall picture. Her humor was definitely lacking when she posted her comment. Look at all the positive feedback you have here. I believe she did you a favor.

  9. Crikey! I read the post and, as a woman in her fifties, didn't find anything to take offence at.


  10. See what happens when I miss a day? I went back to read the offending post and the super-offending comment. Still trying to fathom out what could possibly upset women, sorry, an anonymous woman. Seems to me she's got a very old-fashioned outlook on life. Get real, Ms Anonymous... this is the modern age. Anyway, for the record, and speaking as a woman old enough to have 'seen it all', I don't care to show the body but I don't mind or care what others do. Don't change, John, you're great the way you are and I love all your posts.

    I once had an anonymous comment from someone I knew in real life. I was threatened and when I refused to remove a post she caused no end of trouble. Ooooh I hate anonymous comment(ers)s.

  11. Why is it that this anonymous person never leaves comments on my blog like that. I would have material for my next blog post if they did. No this anonymous person only leaves me ads for viagra and porn sites. Not that that couldn't be material for a post but I made an oath to keep my blog family friendly.
    Glad to see you weren't bothered by the comment.

  12. I haven't (yet) read the offending post, but I LOVE your answer to it! And I'm pretty sure I'll agree with everything you said, even as another woman in her mid fifties. Well, late fifties if you must know. What's it to you, anyway? Good grief .. must you ALWAYS be harping on about age? Anyone would think women of my age were touchy.

    Excuse me while I just pop outside for a minute, scream, run around the house three times cursing all humanity and write an aggressive note to the neighbour who looked at me funny last night.