Saturday, 13 October 2012

What Day Is it? Is It? Really?

Do you know I have spent all day thinking it's Sunday. Good job I don't go to church. I would have been the only one there. Mind you it isn't unusual for me not to know what day it is. Or even what month come to that. But at least I know that the year is 2011 so that is something in my favour.

Oh d'you know what. I was going to put a youtube video up because I opened the Ramshackle Art Gallery today, but I forgot to upload it to youtube. I'm not thinking straight. I tell you what. I shall go and do that now. I might see you later.

Oh, what a fool I am. I did upload it. What is up with me? I really shouldn't have eaten a whole bag of Everton mints. I think the sugar has gone to my head. Or the E numbers. What is the recommended daily quota of E numbers?

Here is the video. Filmed by Tricia, and expertly directed by me. Perhaps this should be on the RAG blog? Although if it was you might miss it, and you wouldn't want that to happen would you? Especially since you have waited so patiently for the momentous occasion. I think I will put it on the RAG blog too.

I decided to keep the opening low key. I want this gallery to grow into a world famous place, but to do it slowly and organically. Actually I don't know why I just said that, because I want it to get famous quickly. Also I don't know why I used the word organically. Except it may have been because I bought a bottle of organic milk today and that word was on my mind. D'you know it cost 30p extra to buy organic milk? I don't normally fall for that nonsense but today they were out of ordinary stock. Hey! Maybe that's why I thought it was Sunday?

At the beginning of the video, Tricia jokes about being from the local rag. She didn't realise that RAG is the acronym for the Ramshackle Art Gallery. When I pointed it out to her afterwards she said the acronym should be TRAG. That is because she included 'the' which those of us in the know wouldn't do. If I was going to be really pedantic I could have told her that the really genuine proper acronym should be TAWFRAG, if one was to include the words 'the almost world famous'.

When the RAG does become world famous instead of almost world famous the acronym would then be TWFRAG. This to me would sound and look awful. I apologise to any Welsh people, because you could probably pronounce it perfectly. But it wouldn't do for me, so I shall be sticking with RAG for now. I hope that has cleared everything up for you.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the video, and that you get the same sense of professionalism as I do from it. I  am thinking that for my next project I might become a film director. I think this video shows my potential. This time next year I could be a millionaire!


  1. I can see you making appearances on those arty farty shows...I think you should put a price tag on those bricks before someone halfinches them and sells them in their own gallery.
    Jane x

  2. Thank you for the tour. Please thank Tricia for her narration as well. Now I shall see if it plays as well on the RAG site.

  3. John, congrats on the grand opening of the Ramshackle Art Gallery, and for capturing the grand event on camera for prosperity.
    I hope by now, you have figured out that we are still in the year 2012!!
    Me thinks you may be too happy...

  4. Tricia did a grand job with the video. I'm just wondering if you'll supply wellies for those distinguished guests and art critics who visit the RAG. My honest opinion is that you should stick with RAG, I mean if people see TAWFRAG they might think they're in Wales or somewhere similar ... OR ... they might read it as TOERAG. Just

  5. I like your security and your security deputy. That Tricia is funny! You really do need to re-think that pile of bricks, you know how these artsy types would make over it!
    Today (Sunday) is my father-in-law's 81st birthday in England. Stop by my blog and leave a birthday wish, would you? That's a good man!

  6. Love your new banner. It screams UK.

  7. Great vid, well done Tricia. Gallery looking good. How much the pile of bricks?

  8. Out of all your posts, this one really tickled me! Your wit is priceless.

    Michelle, Lancashire

  9. I think the RAG will be a hit, but what the heck are E numbers?

  10. Enjoyed the tour and good luck on getting lots of buyers for your art, John.

  11. It's a charming gallery and you both are too. Also love the new header shot.