Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Thinking About Cheering Myself Up.

It's been raining a lot recently over the last few days. It is intermittent but determined, if you know what I mean. I no sooner get outside to do more work on the 'Ramshackle Art Gallery' than the heavens open and down it comes.

I am getting irritated by it now. Living in this wagon is normally fine, but when waterproof clothing, welly boots and wet German Shepherds come into the equation it is not fun. I could build a covered porch onto the wagon, where I could leave wet clothing and the wet dog I suppose, but it would not look right. I am having to think about it though.

Last evening I felt so damp and miserable that I lit the fire to try and cheer myself up. Guess what? It didn't want to light. It was just too damp, and I suspect the chimney needs sweeping. I showed you the lovely old stove in a post some time ago. It does look good and if it is not too cold it is quite effective, but I am tempted to buy one of the new generation of wood stoves, because they are very good. Easy to keep ticking over during the night.

Oh boy, to think of it, 24 hour warmth. I won't know I'm born. I think I need a little bit of comfort as I am getting older. Just imagine it ladies, me, stark naked, basking on a leopard skin rug, in front of a roaring log fire. There's a good one for the proposed calendar. Oh dear, I am sorry about that. I got carried away. I do hope I haven't put you off your dinner.

I am still fit and healthy, apart from my bad toe. I'm a martyr to it you know. I am well able to deal with the hardships of this simple life, but it seems silly to suffer, if there are things to help make life easier. I shall have to earn some money first though, even though I have just received a letter from the bank raising my credit limit.

"Hooray, I'm rich!" I shouted to Tricia and George when I opened the letter. They both exchanged knowing looks. "No, don't worry," I assured them, "I will make a fortune from my book and pay it straight back." They exchanged knowing looks again. "I shall sell a painting," I went on. They exchanged knowing looks once more. I could have gone on explaining how I would easily pay off my credit card, but I was a bit worried that the two of them would run out of knowing looks completely.

I am hopeless with money. I think to myself, if the bank want to lend me money, who am I to disappoint them? I tend to worry about minor details such as paying it back, when it is too late, and the damage has been done. Will I ever learn? Probably not. I am too old to change now. At least that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I always think something will turn up, or my favourite thought, 'the Lord will provide'. So far, something has always turned up, or the Lord has provided. I suppose though, there will come a day when reality will strike.

In the meantime though, hey ho, and on we go. I only have one life, and I am fed up with spending it wet and miserable. I heard on the weather forecast that tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny.

Now then where did I put that credit card?


  1. You are a tinker...didn't Ilona teach you anything ?
    Jane x

  2. I shudder to try to picture you on a rug in all that cold. Are you daft? I must admit though you do have a beautiful heater. It shines and the fire looks inviting. Here we long for rain. This drought is terrible.

  3. I have tried Jane, but I think it has all fallen on deaf ears :o( Never mind, if we were all the same life would be pretty boring.

    Tis a lovely sunny morning here, I'm having a wash the curtains and clean the windows day today. No doubt I will get bored with that and the job won't get finished. No heating on here yet.

  4. Sorry, very remiss of me but I have not had time to comment. I have been reading though. I love the pen and ink illustration, beautiful and evocative of the fifties. As for skipping ropes, never was my favorite I'm afraid. Too many bouncy bits lol. I did love to hula hoop which was another big favorite in my youth. Games had seasons then and there were things you played at certain times of year. We would have been playing conkers now, without the aid of protective clothing, goggles and toe-tector boots.

    As a pensioner, are there no grants available to you to get a more up to date log burner. Just a passing thought. One more thing that might help you in the long run .......... burn the bloody credit card !!!!

  5. Oh my John you made me splutter half of my morning juice on my desk.......YOU, leopard skin rug, roaring log fire....priceless.
    Please don't go overspending on that new credit card limit, that's how we are caught in debt....hook, line and sinker, so be very careful.
    Hope you warm up soon.

  6. It's a lovely bright, sunny day here today. Hope it's the same with you.

  7. don't practice your pose on that rug until you get yourself a new stove. You might catch a cold