Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday. That's All It Is.

I get lots of emails telling me what a wonderful blog this is, and what a fantastic writer I am. Thank you I really do appreciate it. Sadly though some of these emails are anonymous and come from dodgy sounding websites. I even got a couple from someone offering me Viagra. Offering me Viagra! Well that goes to prove they are not really reading my blog properly. As if I would need help in that direction. A man of my prowess!

I never used to get spam, but recently for some reason the readership on here has doubled, this is wonderful of course, but now the spam is coming in thick and fast. I get notifications about emails and eagerly go to see who is writing to me and then find it is spam. So disappointing.

It isn't nice at all. Why do they do it? I am never going to click on a link from an anonymous source. How do I stop them? There must be a way. Fortunately they rarely get as far as the comments section on here, but I suppose it is just a matter of time.There must be some reasoning behind these things, but for the life of me I just cannot figure out what it might be. Maybe it is just the price to pay for being popular. What must it be like for those blogs with hundreds, or thousands of followers?

The view across the back field. No houses for at least a mile. How lucky I am to have such an open view.
This has been a strange sort of day. It started off with a beautiful sunrise -I took this photo of it - and after a couple of hours it started raining and hasn't stopped yet. I am struggling to tell you about my day because after I saw Tricia and extremely handsome son George off on the train to Liverpool at 5.30 this morning nothing much has happened. Their train broke down -there is always something goes wrong with the trains in this country- and they made it to the match with five minutes to spare. They only did that by shelling out for a taxi to the football ground. Tricia is furious at the train company. She is going to claim the cab fare back from them. She will get it too, she is not one to give up easily.

Early morning frost. The grass needs cutting but the lawn mower is broken.
After they had gone, we, Sadie the German Shepherd and I walked over the fields. It was freezing. A heavy frost. When we got back I lit the fire in the tipi. I was interested in how warm it would get in really cold weather. Sure enough it did well. It only needs a small fire in there, and is very effective. I have also begun to line the inside with whatever I can find to make it even better insulated. Old curtains, a couple of dust sheets and I found a nice old striped blanket I had forgotten about in my magic shed.

After that I went down to Tricia's house and spent some time talking to her three dogs and two cats. The dogs hate it when Tricia isn't there and take to their beds for the duration of her absence. I am sure they are sulking. It definitely isn't pining, because they still like their food. I didn't take them out, because they are always reluctant to go with me. Two of them are quite elderly, and the other one Dixie follows their example and won't come with me either. She did condescend to come and play ball in the paddock though. She sure does love chasing!

I had a sleep this afternoon for a couple of hours. Went out like a light. All these late nights are catching up with me. I was woken by a phone call from my lovely neighbour Yola, asking if I would like to have some dinner. Would I? Too right I would! Pot Roast Brisket and root vegetables and a fruit pudding. Delicious! She is a fantastic cook. She already has a man, otherwise I would offer to marry her!

And now it is night. The clocks went back this morning at two. It is a strange time to do it. I am sure most people would rather go to bed, but no, rules is rules and we all have to stay up and change them at two o'clock. There is probably a way of avoiding staying up, but I can't think of it!

Sadie and Bonnie are sleeping and snoring gently. My eyes are heavy. I shall have an early night. Probably fall asleep reading my book.

Good night and may your God bless you.


  1. Sorry you are having problems with SPAM, try setting your comments to "Registered Users". I had a similar problem on one of my old blogs and switched the comment setting. It took about a month, but it stopped all the spam comments!

  2. spam is annoying. I can't understand what they get out of it. Very pointless especially now that blogger has such a good spam filter.

  3. Spam is a pain. My favorites are the ones offering to hook me up with available females from around the world. I am sure that many of them are lovely young women but I believe the men in my life might think it rather odd.

  4. I get a lot of spam too, sometimes 5 a day. I really don't want to change my settings to 'registerd' because you never know, you just might get someone legit that wants to comment. But at least I have my filter grab them.

    Tricia's trip sounds like the beginning of mine. At least they made it to the game.

  5. My lawnmower and lawn are in the same situation. However, I have not been tempted to sleep out in a tent this week. (Other weeks sometimes, just not this one)