Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Roaring Success All Round.

We have had a walk in the woods today. Me and Sadie the German Shepherd. Oh and a lady friend. It was cold and windy today, although it was mostly sunny, but of course in the woods it is sheltered from the wind and quickly feels warmer. Very enjoyable.

I am not going to write much. I am tired, and in the morning I must be up at 5.30 to see extremely handsome son George and his Mum off on the train to Liverpool. They are going to watch the best team in Liverpool play football, against a team called Liverpool FC. The best team is called Everton and they play in a blue strip.

I have been working on the Tipi this afternoon. I lit a fire to see if it would work as they say it should, and it did. Marvellous!

I am going to play my guitar for a while now and then take myself off to bed.

Here are some photos of the Tipi with a full moon, that I took tonight,

The fire was a roaring success!
To my new followers. Thank you for joining in. Great to have you along.

Goodnight all!


  1. Did you spend the night there, in the tipi?

    1. No. It was a practice run to see if the fire and updraught would work correctly. Next is making it more comfortable inside.

  2. I am happy for you. I hope you enjoy your tipi.

  3. So happy for you that the tipi and the fire inside was a success....good for you John.
    I know you're happy it worked out's actually looking quite cozy to have your "friends" over for a night cap.

  4. Just catching up after a week of being out of state and my you have been quite busy, John. Read all about the tipi and glad the fire was a roaring success (pun intended). And you are quite right that it's better to be doing something than watching television, which is why we don't and that surprises many people, but I'm not sure why. Do you really plan to sleep in your tipi on cold nights?

  5. It looks marvelous John, you did a fine job.

  6. John, wow! The first image is extremely beautiful, the setting is so perfect to talk about ghosts in a tipi! I could almost hear a wolf howling somewhere deep in the woods :) It looks cosy with the fire going!

  7. Awesome photos!

    And wooooohoooooo for the cozy tipi!
    Perfect place for a cuppa tea following a brisk walk with the gals.
    OH! And you can roast marshmallows and pop popcorn!

    WAY more fun than parking it in front of a television dontchaknow!
    Just sayin'......

  8. I've yet to hear what Sadie thinks about this new venture... or isn't she allowed in the Tipi? Erm... about this lady friend.... well,perhaps not (wink).

  9. Oh that does look nice with the fire inside. You've got yourself a wonderful tipi there

  10. There is a local man who has a teepee in his back yard, and he has assembled it in town a few times for events. Very interesting.