Thursday, 11 October 2012

Open Mic With Sedge And Jon.

I am happy. I have just got back from an Open Mic night. That isn't why I'm happy, because I am back from it. I am happy because I went there and enjoyed myself.

As this blog is now read all over the world I am going to give Open Mic it's full title. It is properly called 'Open Mic with Sedge and Jon'.  The Mic bit is pronounced 'mike'

Open Mic With Sedge and Jon.
Anyone can get up and have a go. You get all standards of musicians, some bands play there too. Some people write and recite poetry. The odd comedian has a go. It is a great place to start out on the show business road for the aspiring performer, and I tell you what, a lot of these youngsters are far better than the so called talent on so called talent shows. Which to my mind are full of wannabe's who just wanna be famous.

Most Open Mic performers are there because they love to play, sing, and listen to music. And enjoy a happy time socialising, and enjoying a drink with friends. My favourite acts tonight, were a young chap called Shaun, who has the voice of an angel, and a very beautiful young lady called Sam, who sings wonderfully and has a smile to melt the hardest heart.

Musicians do tend, in my experience to be a happy lot. I would thoroughly recommend an Open Mic night, if you want to hear the best music, and it isn't expensive either. Next time you see an Open Mic event advertised, why not go along and have a good time. Even if it is just to listen.

There are so many pubs and bars closing these days. Live music can help to stop this happening. But they need to be supported.

I am off now. I am going to make myself a toasted bacon sandwich. It is hungry work singing and playing my guitar.

In my case too, I always have to fight off the women. There is something about me that drives them to lose their inhibitions. I had a lot of knickers thrown at me tonight. That isn't too much of a problem. I shall auction them off for charity. I like to help where I can. Although there are a couple of silk pairs with rather nice lace edging I might keep.

Just to remind you, it is 'Open Mic with Sedge and Jon'. It is an odd name isn't it, but that really is his name, Jon. You can find them on facebook. And as I say, now that this blog is read all over the world they will be famous. In a nice way that is. Sedge and Jon are not wannabe's. Well...

Actually I think I shall have an egg with that bacon sandwich too. If I eat it slowly the indigestion shouldn't be too bad.


  1. As was said, Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast. I used to manage an "Oldies" band.They were very good and we had a great time. Every so often they would invite everyone from the audience who wanted to participate to join them on stage.Being the ham that I am, I was usually the first one up. Being the take charge person I am, I always sang lead. Not bad for someone who cannot carry a tune if you locked it in a briefcase and handed it to me. Anyway it is great fun and I recommend it to everyone.

  2. There's nothing like a musical evening whatever your taste in music. I used to go to an Irish style country evening, loved the ballads they sang. I can't imagine life without music.

    By the way, my son is a Jon - heehee there's nothing strange about his name. Mind you his school teachers always misspelled it. One of them even punished him for not spelling his name their way.

  3. You are a natural .performer, John with a lovely voice. I very much enjoyed playing with you at the open mic, the guitar that is! Must be really difficult keeping all those women at bay!

  4. I love Open Mic nights, they are always lots of fun, and you meet lots of nice people too.
    Drinks are always optional but needed.
    Hurry and get those knickers up on EBay, you could use some extra funds to finish off the Ramshackle Art Gallery
    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  5. Oh I have been to plenty of open mike nights as my talented brother is a musician I love them. There is so much hidden talent in the world it is a great way to see it REAL music.
    Love your header.
    Thanks for the nice comment:) B

  6. I think here they are more Karaoke, and not so great. (Although since I don't go to any, all my info is secondhand.)

  7. You are too funny. Glad you are auctioning off the knickers for charity. By the way, the pink ones with purple leopard spots were mine and I really did not mean to toss those on the stage but I got a little excited so if you would not mine letting the public wager on those cotton bastards it would be much appreciated. Have a good one.

  8. You are a card. Who wears silk panties any more?

    1. Oh dear, there goes another of my fantasies!

  9. In my life I have been a folk and blues music promoter and I believe the open mic night to be a real bonus for finding talent hidden in the community.