Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Speak Now.

This last few days I have been feeling a little off colour. Happily today I feel a bit better. I don't really know what was wrong, except I was feeling weak and slightly nauseaus. Oh blimey here we go again. How do you spell nauseus? Nauseas? No that don't look right. I shall have to look it up. Shouldn't be a problem really because I'm pretty sure it begins with N. Ah ha! I see it has an O in it. Never knew that! Nauseous. Well you learn something new every day. Anyway that's how I have been feeling. A bit sick. I'm saying no more on the subject though 'cos it's making me feel nauseous just thinking about it. Changing the subject....

It takes me absolute ages to write and send text messages on my smart phone. Yesterday for some reason it had turned itself to swype mode. Swype is the method where you don't take your finger off and simply move from one letter to the next. It's supposed to be very quick. I gave it a go but to be honest it didn't help any. Perhaps it is useful if your fingers aren't fat sausages, but otherwise it wasn't really helping me. But what I wondered is that little microphone symbol in the corner of the keypad? I shall touch it and see what happens... Speak now it says. Speak now. Too late it's gone. Try again. Speak now, "Hello my name is John and I am very good looking and have the body of a young Greek god and would like to meet a single rich woman." Working it says. Working, but nothing happening. Working. Hey what's this on the screen? The exact words I just said! That is amazing! My smartphone has a facility that lets me speak my text messages. How cool is that? This discovery made me very happy and excited yesterday. It doesn't take a lot to have that effect. I sent a lot of text messages yesterday. Probably went over my limit. But I have got over the excitement now. Almost. Let's just say it has subsided somewhat.

Back on the feeling unwell front. I decided to call into the Doctor's and make an appointment. Better safe than sorry I always say. Actually I don't know why I just said that. I don't always say it. It is a phrase I reserve for those occasions when I think I might be at risk of popping my clogs, kicking the bucket, oh all right, let's not kid ourselves, dropping down dead! Heart! I worry about my heart! If it stops I'm buggered! Buggered. It's a strange word. I'm using it in the context of meaning done for, finished, without hope! I just thought I'd mention that. Just in case you take it literally and think someone is going to jump on my dead body and have... Well you know.. I don't need to spell it out. Where was I? Oh yes. As I went in to the surgery the Doctor was just coming out to do his rounds.

"Morning John, he says,"haven't seen you for ages."

"No Doc," I say, "that's because I haven't been well."

He finds this funny. I suppose it is really.

I have an appointment for Thursday morning. Hopefully I shall live to keep it.


  1. Great read John,Both myself and Jacqui tried to post comments earlier but to no avail, am just trying this now to see if it publishes, if it does when and if I can remember my original comment I'll try and post it again, Be lucky. ;-)

  2. Oh yes now I remember, you mentioned the mic symbol in text messages, I always wondered about it but never bothered to try it, but after reading what you said about it I decided to give it a go, it went like this, I said,Hello how are you going, just a quick text to test this speaking thing,see you later bye,
    It said, Hello how are going, just a quick text Tom testing this speaking thing, She later bye.
    5mins later I get a phone call, what are you on about she say's, think I'll stick to writing my texts as it obviously has a problem with my pronunciation, (Oh and I confess to using the spell check a couple of times here)

    1. Ooops sorry Alun I forgot to mention that you have to speak a bit posh for it to work properly. :)

  3. Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. Hope your doctor's visit will unearth whatever you are being bugged with, and you will feel better again.
    Maybe you just need some stimulants....hahahaha....a B vitamin complex of some sort to build your body back up.
    My cell phone must have a qwerty keyboard, since I find it hard to type text messages on the screen. I do like the Speak Now button though.

  4. Now that the weather is warm those of us who have earned a bit more experience because of the time we have spent in this world have to maintain things more than those who are less experienced. Make sure to stay hydrated. Electrolytes are extremely important. A low potassium level can make you have heart palpitations and even a few aches and pains in your chest as well as leg cramps. Take care of yourself and mind the doctor.

  5. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, John. Hopefully you'll be fine once you've seen the doctor.

    Of course, after reading this I just had to check my phone. There is no microphone icon so I went into settings and discovered that the 'voice' system is called Siri. After reading it all I dare not, repeat DARE NOT touch it. It sounds really complicated.

  6. I have a 10 year-old phone that must really have been ahead of its time. I talk into it and whoever I call actually hears me on the other end, bypassing the text stage entirely. I'm keeping it.

  7. Yes, I'm still learning to navigate my way around my new phone too. I bought myself a 'stylus' from Ebay so now I can 'swype' too. Hope the doc sorts you out. Sue

  8. I like the speak to text thing too. Even little fingers aren't too useful on that tiny screen.