Friday, 21 June 2013

As Time Goes By.

My extremely handsome son George started his new part time summer job today working as a waiter in a small restaurant. He went off a little nervously, because he hasn't done this type of job before. He is a determined lad though. That's two jobs he has now. The other one is working in forestry.

I think he will be better as a waiter than I used to be. He is much easier going than me. When I was a waiter I used to get very upset and angry at anyone who I thought was looking down at me. Snap your fingers, or whistle at me mister and you can forget about being served at any of my tables. I was fired from jobs frequently. What a good thing it was that it was possible to go easily from one place of work to another in those days of my youth.

EHS George has already on his first day met a couple of people who don't know that it is not a good idea to disrespect waiting staff. But he has also found out that the nice customers far outweigh the bad. I think that meeting all these customers will do wonders for his confidence, and he will be well able to deal with things when he goes off to university in September.

How quickly the years go by. I was remembering when he was a little boy, how he used to love me making up bedtime stories about how he went to watch Everton his favourite team play football, and the team were short of players so they put out an announcement, "Is there a boy called George Bain in the crowd? We have heard that he is a really good player."

Anyway in the story, to cut a long story short George goes on and scores a hat trick and Everton win the match. George loved that story and variations on the theme.

When he was about nine years old George had the real opportunity to play a five a side match at Goodison Park, home of his beloved Everton - George's great grandfather on his mothers side was actually one of the founders of Everton Football Club - and, oh how proud I was when he actually scored a goal during that match! My boy George, my extremely handsome son has scored a goal at Goodison Park. You could probably have heard my shouts of delight several miles away.

Now he is all grown up and off to University. The university is in Liverpool and his accommodation is only a twenty minute walk from Everton Football Club and Goodison Park. I think he will be very happy there. in the city of his grandfathers.

"Daddy tell me the story again."

"It's time to sleep now son. I'll tell it again tomorrow. Good night George."

"Good night Daddy. Daddy?"

"Yes son"

"Leave the landing light on won't you?

"Yes son."


"Yes George."

"Leave the door a bit open."

"OK son. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."






  1. This was a lovely story.
    Good for EHS George that he's making some money before heading off to university....he's a smart kid.

  2. What a great reminiscing story. As he ventures further on into the future, you will remember more of them. He may be nervous about being a waiter, but only until the tips start rolling in!

  3. A moving post, John. I learned everything I know from my children.

  4. what a sweet story. They do grow up far too fast

  5. My eyes have gone all teary...must be allergies.
    Jane x

  6. Good memories John and loved reading all about it. Best of luck to EHS George at his two jobs and off to university. Take care.

  7. Your reminiscing gave me a nice warm feeling inside. All the stories I told and songs I sang to my children and grandchildren... it seems like yesterday and yet so long ago.

  8. I used to have the landing light on and the door open, all night. I was scared of the dark. Good luck to George at Uni.

  9. Loved the memories, John! Brought back my own early parenting experiences. Having been lucky to meet George I can understand how deservedly proud you are of him.

  10. Fabulous reading, John. I got quite emotional. Good luck EHS George, with the waiters job and university.

    I can't believe people still whistle at waiters. They need putting down.

  11. Very nicely told. They do grow up!