Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day.

     Yesterday being Father's day I was privileged to spend time with both my lovely offspring. Somehow they have, despite me for a daddy, turned out to be children to be proud of. Probably mostly down to their mothers if the truth be told.
     My beautiful daughter Jodie and I spent some time estranged after her mum and me parted, but we are back on track now and she is still the lovely person she was as a little girl. It was the fact that we are both stubborn characters that kept us apart for a while, but we never stopped loving each other. Yesterday whilst we were talking I kept getting glimpses of her as the sweet little girl with the peaches and cream face I loved to kiss. She still has a lovely complexion and I still love to kiss her, he adds hastily.
     My extremely handsome son George is a lovely person, and brings lots of happiness into my life. He still lives at home with his mum and I see him every day. He is a godsend around the place, helping with chores when I feel too old to bother. In September he is off to university and I know I shall miss him terribly. But I shall make good use of my campervan and take trips to see him. Without being too much of an embarrassment I hope!
     As I have often said in these blog posts, I do have difficulty with relationships, especially when they become romantic. I feel a sadness at this of course, but thank goodness, that I somehow kept my children's mother's as friends. Less complications, less arguments. Better for us all. Well it makes sense to me.

     What about my dad? I never got to meet him. He buggered off when I was born. I expect he took one look at me and thought what an ugly little bastard! If only he'd stayed around he would have seen what a handsome devil I became.
     I have never missed him! There was a short period in my younger days when I would have liked to see him, but only so that I could punch him hard and knock him down. I'm over that now. I don't give a stuff about the selfish prick!
     I judge him on the way he totally abandoned us and gave up on his responsibilities towards his children, and on what my older brother and sister told me about him, and from what they told me, he was a waste of space. And yet he was a career soldier, a Regimental Sergeant Major. You surely need to be of strong character and moral fibre to do a job like that. Maybe he was a good actor?
     Oh well, perhaps my lack of success in life is partly down to inheriting his genes? But I love my kids and I have done everything I can to be a good father to them. They helped to shape me too. I hate to imagine what I would have become without them. They gave me purpose and reason. Because there was a time when I was going nowhere fast. Except maybe to hell in a handcart!


  1. Glad you enjoy your kids. Its not Father's Day here till September but as an orphan, it will make no difference to me. I had a father like yours. Absent and not interested in family matters. But we go on and grow stronger year in and year out. I feel I can cope with almost anything and I have an absent father to thank for that.

  2. Thank you for sharing your day, John! And I completely disagree with "despite me being a daddy" statement of yours. Erase it! You are a fantastic person and sure a great father, and many people will tell you that!

  3. Congratulations, John. You've got a resilient family, a family to be proud of. My compliments!

  4. It sounds like you had a pleasant day with your beautiful children. I believe it to be rather obvious as to why you have a relationship problem. You push the women you care about away before they can push you away. Given your childhood experiences it is amazing that you can have good relationships with your children. You are all extremely fortunate to have one another.

  5. Glad you had a wonderful Father's Day with "the kids."
    What more could you ask for right?
    You're not only a dad, but a grand dad as well...continue to enjoy.

  6. You are a lucky man John and a good man and Father to recognize that. We can both commiserate in September when our kids go off to college. At least my daughter is close enough that she can come home on weekends. We kind of planned it that way :-)

  7. I loved this post, John, it showed warmth as well as emotion. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Father's Day.

  8. Happy Belated Fathers Day to you. I am sure you are a great dad to both your kids and pets.

  9. Being a good dad is a great accomplishment. Glad you have connected with Jodie.