Thursday, 6 June 2013


All year long I curse the pesky Magpie's who steal the eggs from the henhouse and take some of the baby chicks, whilst at the same time admiring their cunning cleverness.

But this little one's mum is dead and dad has gone away. There was another baby but he has died too. I don't know how it met it's end.

 After observing the little one carefully all day my extremely handsome son George and I decided to come to it's rescue. What was I to do, let it die slowly of thirst and starvation? Or be killed by predation. I couldn't let that happen. Besides it was getting closer and closer to the road.

He was very thirsty and hungry and began to eat immediately from Georges hand. Will he survive? I will keep you informed of his progress.


  1. I don't know how such a beautiful bird can be so awful. But still I couldn't let one die either. Seems like you got to him in the nick of time. Can't wait to see it follow Mum George around the yard as it grows. Could make for some good blogging.

  2. Wow..that magpie is good looking. They are my favourite British bird.
    Jane x

  3. You and EHS George have become parents to a chick. I hope your rescue efforts are successful.

  4. Oh I know for sure the magpie is in good hands.
    Our hearts are butter when it comes to animals.
    How could you not help?
    Keep us posted.

  5. Magpies here in Tasmania look different that those and have a love song and are really nice not like the ones on mainland Australia which swoop on people and cause havoc, apparently. I have heard people having to wear ice cream buckets on their heads with eyes painted on the back to stop the Maggies. There is even a footy team in Melbourne called the Magpies.

  6. We have a chap who takes in lost birds etc, and I'm sure he feeds them on dog food.
    Might be worth looking it up.
    I have visions of you digging for worms. lol

  7. I know you and George will take good care of the magpie baby. It should be interesting to see it grow and know you had a part to play in it.

  8. It will be quite a feat if you pull this off. Maybe the Magpie will love you for life. Would that be a good thing?