Sunday, 9 June 2013

Magpies And Heavy Things Weighing Me Down.

Good news regarding the magpie chick. The parent birds returned the next morning and the baby is back with them. Seems the dead older bird was not the parent after all. Now I am aware that it is not a good idea to interfere with fledglings but bearing in mind that the little ones sibling was lying dead beside him I do not regret my intervention, and think that we did save his little life and it was getting very near to the road. They are all getting along fine now and no doubt will soon be teaching the little survivor how to steal eggs from the hen house!

On Saturday I could have sold this hen house I built from reclaimed timber. In fact I could have sold it three times over, but I learnt a lesson, and in future I shall build them in sections that are easily dismantled rather than solidly built. This will enable people to collect them easily and also very importantly get them through their garden gates. But I am still hopeful to sell this one. Someone with a big truck and a wide gate needs to come along. I'm sure they will.

I have recently made this bird table. I went a bit sculptural with it, if that's a word. I think it looks great, but again it is heavy. In fact I can hardly lift it! Also since this pic was taken I have added a bigger base for stability so it is even heavier.

Mind you heaviness isn't necessarily all bad. These things will be heavy for a thief to move from the Ramshackle Gallery and shop at least. Which kind of means I may have to make Sadie the German Shepherd redundant from her job as Chief of Security! Here she is keeping an eye out at front of shop!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


  1. Poor Sadie. She looks so resigned to having that sign hanging from her neck. I was glad to hear you mention Ramshackle Gallery. I was wondering if it was still in operation.

  2. Sadie needs a pay raise!
    Jane x

  3. I can visualise that bird table in my garden. I know visitors to the Wildlife Restaurant would love it. You can't beat dining in style if you're a bird.

    Extra goodies for Sadie, methinks.

  4. Good solidly-made hen houses and bird tables for sale!!!! Over at the Ramshackle Gallery!! Get yours now!! Don't be left out!! Hurry before they're all gone!!
    Sadie is doing a great job, hope she received an extra meaty morsel for her work.

  5. That's a pretty large name tag Sadie is wearing there. I think she should get extra pay for that.

  6. What a mansion for the chickens. I love the bird table very much. I did asked hubby to build one for me to put in the middle of the garden so that birds can come once in a while. It had been years now and no sign of it yet. He kept saying soon but the soon never come. Instead he made himself a concrete rectangular fish tank few years ago. That is not fair I would say. Happy blogging to you and may you have a great week ahead

  7. Loved the little movie of Sadie so excited about her walk. I thought henhouses had to be like Fort Knox these days now foxes are getting bolder than ever.

  8. Your creations are useful art. Glad people are buying.