Saturday, 8 October 2011

Statistically Speaking This Might Not Count.

Do you believe the stats that Blogger shows relating to your posts? I only ask because I seem to have lost a lot of readers since my short break last month. Before my break I had an average of - don't laugh please - 109 readers every  day. Since my return the average has gone down dramatically. I can't say what it is now for certain, because I can't remember where I got the figures from in the first place. But I do know that it is much less than previous.
Also my most popular post, the one about the naked man and the woodpecker, had been read, according to the stats, 107 times. Now it seems that it has been read only about 80 times. How did that happen?
Before the break, most of my readers came from here in the UK. Now it seems that hardly anyone in the UK reads my blog. At the same time my American readership has suddenly increased about threefold. This is a nice stat. I love my American readers.
I  would like to hear if anyone else has lost stats from their blog in this way, after a short break.
Sorry this is not a proper post. But the subject of stats has been bugging me for a while, and I wonder do I put too much faith in them?
These photos from my recent visit to the Great Dorset Steam Fair will hopefully add a bit of interest to this post.
While I am here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in my blog, and to thank those of you who have become followers. Welcome also to my new followers. You are all very much appreciated, and have added a very nice new interest to my life.

Sincerely John.


  1. I love looking at pictures like the ones you have today. I don't know anything about ratings for blogs. However, I did read another blog two days ago that said that Google must have reorganized because her numbers were way down and she knew of several other blogs with the same problem.

  2. I don't trust the numbers.:)

  3. The numbers are meaningless, bloggy friends count.
    Jane x

  4. Blogger is always 'stuffing up things' Don't take any notice and I'm sure your regular readers will always be there. Maa

  5. I used to be concerned with things like stats but now it doesn't matter. What's important are the readers who keep coming back and making the posting all worth while.

  6. I don't check the stats but I do know from others that Blogger has been playing silly whatsits with them. Even the traffic feed isn't accurate but don't let that bug you.

  7. ... all I want to know is what in the hell is a Steam Fair?

  8. When you start paying attention to the STAT Gods, you stop enjoying blogging. Do it because you love it, not for how many people you can get looking at it. I've just recently started looking at stats and am surprised by how many read but do not comment, so I had to quit that, it's not good for the ego. You actually get the visitors back when you comment on their blogs too. Since I've been blogging (over 3 years) I have a completely different readership than I did then, so people move on sometimes. Just keep writing John!

  9. I don't understand the stats either...although they do drop when I get my 'sad' head on and don't post or comment for a while.

    I have given up trying to figure out how to make my blog popular I just blog and hope that sometimes people find me half interesting

    One of my more popular posts has a link to your funny post (naked man)...I hope (maybe) i have send you some visitors! xx