Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Old Timber, Soggy Shepherds Pie, Football, A Parrot And An Open Microphone, Make My Day.

I have had a busy day constructing my outdoor art gallery. I am using any old bits of timber and materials I have about the place to make it, and as usual when doing work like this I am thoroughly enjoying myself. There are no plans for it except in my head. I am aiming to make it look like a rustic covered way, or something like that, and I shall hang my paintings and other stuff that I make in it. Difficult to describe it really, but when it's done I shall take photos and show them to you.
George my extremely handsome son, shares a sandwich with Lucky the crow, and Sadie.

This evening I made dinner for my extremely handsome son George, because his Mum Tricia was away visiting her Mum in London. I made a shepherds pie. Unfortunately I left too much gravy in the mince, and the mashed potato I put on top was absorbed into it, so it was a bit.. a lot, soggy. Never mind he said he enjoyed it and he had a second helping so I believe he did.

After dinner I took him to his football training in town. While he was there I went and saw a lovely couple of people who want a portrait done of their son, and his parrot! I am looking forward to doing this one. The parrot is brightly coloured and will give me a challenge balancing the bright colours against their sons skin tones.

Leaving them, I went back and watched George training. I think both he and I have got over our fears that his recent knee operation would affect his playing. It certainly hasn't from what I could see, and he looks to be full of confidence on the pitch again.

After I had dropped George back at home, I had to go into town again straight away, to play at an open mic night. Which of course I did magnificently! Well I have to say that, no one else will. I'm not blowing my own trumpet though, because I play guitar.

It was nearly midnight when I got home. It's a cold night so I had some cornflakes with hot milk. Then I started reading other blogs. Now that I am following quite a few, it takes a bit of time to catch up, and the time is now 1-45 am.

I had, or have, a tale to tell, but it is late and I am tired. It is quite a complicated story about the time I ran away from foster care at age 13. So I will leave it now until the next time I am on here. I must apologise for not writing a post this time, but it is very late. Please forgive my laziness.

Thank you to all of you for reading my literary efforts, and for your encouraging comments. It all means such a lot to me.

                           Come back again soon. Bye for now.


  1. Hi John, Looking foreward to seeing your art gallery and collection. All painted by yourself I'm guessing.
    I can relate to the time it takes to read all the others blogs let alone try to comment on a few. I just try to get around to everyone at least once a week and leave a comment to let them know that I'm still popping in to visit even if I don't comment evey time. How often do you have your 'extremely handsome son, George, come to stay with you? he's certainly not camera shy, is he? Hey George.. how about a big cheesey smile next time? Maa

  2. I left a comment and it disappeared. Now I have to try and remember what I said....

    Oh yes, I think the gallery is a brilliant idea and I can't wait to see it. Well, I can, but I get a trifle impatient if I have to wait too long. Do you like trifle?

  3. Always enjoy reading your literary masterpieces even when you feel lazy! What did you play at the open mic night?

  4. I am trying to catch up on a few blogs now, such busy lives we lead. Got to go, two black labs are waiting to be walked :o)

  5. What you have written is fine... a recount of the days happenings. Glad George's knee is doing well. I love Sadie and I am looking forward tour art show and your next story.

  6. for not writing a post there sure are a lot of words up there. Even reading about the events of your day is entertaining.

  7. Lovely to be visiting again, I'm trying to get around to as many blogs as I can, especially to those who offered such kind thoughts to my father-in-law's recently surgery. Thank you so very much for the sweet comment. I have enjoyed this post. Lovely to spend time with your son and I remember my own 'soggy' shepherd's pies that I made, but they were always very tasty as I am sure yours was.

  8. It was a wonderfully filled day. I am sure it was a good one.