Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sadie The German Shepherds Independence Day Ball.

John went out without me today. So it was quite peaceful around the place. I found a way through the fence, and took myself off for a pleasant amble over the back field. It was nice. The sun was warm on my back and eased my arthritis so much that I forgot I had it. Managed to chase a few rabbits too. I didn't catch any though, although obviously I could have done if I had really wanted to.

Unfortunately, my walk was cut short when the farmer saw me, and called me over. I thought he wanted to say hallo, but he put me in the back of his truck and drove me home. Honestly some people! They really ought to mind their own business.

It turned out all right though, because it wasn't long before John arrived back. I was sitting by the gate. He assumed, as usual that I had been waiting there patient and loyal all the time he was away, and made a huge fuss of me, telling me what a good girl I am. Even went indoors especially and gave me two biscuits. I hope the farmer doesn't come back and tell any tales.
That's Bonnie behind me. Showing off as usual. She always has to muscle in.

After he'd had a cup of tea, John came out to play ball with me. I wish he wouldn't. It's OK for him, he's not the one who has to chase after it. It's all right if he just does it two or three times, but sometimes he doesn't know when to stop. He seems to forget that I am getting on a bit now and I like to take things a little bit easy.

I wonder how he would like it if he had to chase a ball up and down the paddock a dozen times. He couldn't do it. He would probably manage to retrieve it once, before sinking to the ground exhausted, and blowing like a beached whale. It's sad watching him. He just refuses to accept that he is getting older.

He can't run properly any more either, but he won't admit it to himself. Instead he has adopted a kind of skipping motion with an occasional sideways deviation, which he thinks makes him look like a professional footballer. So embarrassing, but also hilariously funny to watch.

It used to be that I would retrieve the ball every time and bring it back to him. It was so lovely to see his little face light up when I dropped the ball at his feet. It gave him such a kick to think that he had trained me to retrieve things. The truth is, that I had actually trained him to give me doggy treats.

There was a bit of a respite from the ball throwing, when he discovered that it was making his shoulder ache. He tried throwing it with his left arm, but someone remarked that he looked like a girl, so he stopped that. I did enjoy the break, and thought happily, that his ball throwing days were over.

Do you know what he has done? When he was out today he bought a ball on a rope. He says it is a present for me! Well I know what he can do with that! Really he is so thoughtless.

Anyway, I chased it a couple of times, just so he didn't think I was ungrateful about my new present, and then I'd had enough so I adopted my hangdog expression, and pretended to limp. That always works. I think he felt guilty because he gave me another couple of biscuits.

Ball on a rope, indeed! He is a silly old sod, but I am lucky to have him, and do you know he absolutely adores me.

                              Lots of love, Sadie x


  1. Sadie- I think you are doing a good job of keeping that old guy in line.

  2. Sadie, I am amazed that you say you are getting older. You carry your age very well. It is kind of you to let John get a bit of exercise. I think you deserve another couple of biscuits.

  3. Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Most entertaining and cleverly written blog!

  5. Sadie, it is very nice of you to humor John, and chase the ball. Maybe he will let you do more posts too.

  6. Sadie, that hangdog look and limping trick was pretty smart. I think I'll try it on my wife to see if I can get an extra bowl of ice cream after dinner tomorrow night. :-)

  7. Sadie don't feel bad, I too have to humor my human and make her think that she is doing good things. Your pal Duke

  8. Ball on a rope? Aaah bless him, eh Sadie, he probably thought it was soap on a rope...a toy humans used to play with.
    Jane x

  9. Hello, John! Thank you for stopping by! I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Nelson Souzza :)

  10. Ps: I am a new follower(41). Have a great week ahead.