Friday, 21 October 2011

Hey! What's The Order Of Importance Here?

I am up and about early. So thought I would wish you good morning. Or good, whatever time of day or night it is with you.

I have been given two small armchairs, Just the right size for my showmans wagon.

Last night they were both occupied.

Oh well, don't worry about me, I'll sit on the floor!

Sadie appears to have gone from a kennel dwelling guard dog, to a cosseted indoor one. How did that happen?

 Am I going a bit soft?

Bonnie the cat has even taken the shirt off my back!

I wouldn't want to be without these two usurpers though.


  1. Trust me, you will soon learn how to balance on the edge of a chair on one bum cheek...that's what we have to do..we are totally outnumbered in this house!
    Jane x

  2. All I can say is...Awe...

  3. Ah, what we don't do for our pets. When it gets cold our dog starts getting on the bed. We hate to move her when it's time for us to get into it but I refuse to sleep on the dog bed on the floor.

  4. I can relate to this one. There's been plenty of times Duke was in my chair so I had to sit elsewhere. What we won't do for our furry little friends

  5. And you know you love it. That's very touching, that the cat likes your shirt.

  6. Pampered pets comes to mind... and I was once the chief pamperer. Oh to have those days back again.

  7. You have two adorable usurpers who you obviously put before yourself on occasions! Hope you have another shirt!

  8. Ha! I can relate to Sadie the cat. I'm always trying find a comfortable place to take a nap.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend :-)

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  9. My cats have priority on all the chairs here, I even have to sleep in the cats bed :o)

  10. Pets are great company. There mustn't be much room left for you when they are both inside but I guess they help keep you warm. I love German Shepherds, we had a male called Ricky short for Richard von Wagner but that was years ago. I still miss him.
    In answer to your question . It was a dirt road. Many of our outback roads are unsealed. It is of a sandy texture as we were close to the desert country..

  11. It looks like you need to invest in another comfy chair.