Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Brick Oven Progress.

Naturally, since the day I began building the outdoor bread oven it has rained every day. But yesterday the weather looked like it might be kind to me, so I laid a few bricks. Then it began raining so I stopped and covered it up. Today,the sun was up and I was able to get on a bit better. Here is a picture of work so far.

It took me a few goes to get the arch bit right. I used some old bits of wire cloche frame to form the arch. It was strong enough to take the weight of the bricks. You can see the dome of the oven beginning to take shape. I am not using any fancy methods to get it right. I prefer to work with my artist's eye. I do a bit at a time and wait for the cement to dry before adding more bricks. My impetuous nature suffers a bit from working so slowly but I am controlling the urge to do too much at one time because I don't want it too collapse.
I hope it is a nice day tomorrow. I am excited to be getting on with it. I don't even know if it will work properly. I did look at some other bread oven designs but basically they all work on the same principle. I will keep you informed.

I have been having a go at computer art. Drawing using just the mouse. It is good fun. What I hope is that it will be a good way of doing preparatory drawings which I will then be able to work up to a proper painting.
Here's what I have done so far. It is quite difficult to control the mouse and often they come out a funny size. But I am getting there. The tribute to her Majesty the Queen was a bit of fun. The kingfisher picture began as a pen drawing and then I photographed it and finished it on the computer. I was quite pleased with that one.

Wrong size. It was originally full size A4

Fun tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.

Kingfisher with fish.

Thanks for calling by. See you again soon.



  1. So far the oven is a work of art. I am so impressed. I wish I could draw with or without a mouse. An interesting medium for your skills.

  2. Love thd oven. Did you see the one my brother made early last year? Great fun cooking on it.

  3. Devilish clever, John. I am impressed. I knew you were clever but you're excelling yourself now. Love the look of the oven, and am trying to imagine how on earth you can draw with a mouse on the computer.

  4. Love the pictures, specially the kingfisher. Think you are brave to build a bread oven, I'd always be concerned that it would explode or something. Still, if you stay a long way away while the bread is baking....