Monday, 13 February 2017

Bread Oven Progress 2

I did a bit more on the bread oven today. Used a piece of steel cut from an old Rayburn for the floor took ages to cut it with an angle grinder. I cemented round it to hold it in place and make it level. Could only do one more layer of bricks for the dome because I need the cement to dry hard on each layer otherwise it might not take its own weight. Tomorrow I shall use a heap of compost inside it to form a dome to lay the bricks on. This can then be burnt or pulled out when the bricks are set.

This has been a bread oven building lesson by John Bain.

I do hope you are enjoying these exciting updates on my bread oven progress. I am expecting a lot more followers from them.

In other exciting news from my day to day life events, last night Mia the German Shepherd and Bonnie the Ginger Cat both shared my bed with me all night. This was a first. Bonnie growled at Mia a lot. Mia just let her growl and wasn't bothered. I didn't get much sleep.

If you google bread oven, mine is at number 5. In the world! After I press publish on this post I will probably go even higher!


  1. This is going to be a gorgeous oven. I am anxious for it to be done and operational. The first loaf will make a great picture. Now I am going to Google.

  2. Don't let fame go to your head, John. Can't wait to see the finished product, and the first loaf. You were thinking of sharing the bread, weren't you?