Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bread Oven Progress (Or Lack Of) Number 6

The good news is, my oven does bake bread. The bad news is it didn't bake it properly. Not crusty enough for me.
I am not happy with the ovens ability to retain heat -which is very important in a bread oven. So I am going to have to make some modifications. I think another layer of bricks inside. I think perhaps I will use proper firebricks that retain heat, rather than the reclaimed house bricks. This will require some dismantling but I have got plenty of time on my hands as you may have noticed. I am not despondent. I love experimenting. Here are some pics.
First attempt.


Almost but not quite.

I baked the first loaf in a tin. It didn't rise properly. I discovered I had used self raising flour. I should have used plain flour. I then found the yeast I used was almost 2 years past its sell-by date! EHS George and BD Jodie liked it though and soon demolished the whole loaf.
My next attempt- with the correct flour and new yeast rose nicely but didn't cook properly. Although once again it did taste delicious.
I will persevere. I will succeed.

I do have plenty of firewood for the bread oven. No problem there at least.


  1. Those loaves look better than some that I have made at home in a proper oven. Well done, I can almost smell them from here.

  2. Your bread looked good to me. Are you getting an even heat? Sometimes that makes a difference.

    1. Got it really hot Emma over 600 degrees. Just didn't stay hot enough for long enough.

  3. Use bread flour not plain flour, it'll make loads of difference and taste better. I keep my yeast in the fridge once opened, seems to keep much better that way.
    Your loaf still looked good though! Bet it had a great smoky taste to it.

  4. Practice makes perfect.... trial and error..... you're doing well, John. The bread looks good.