Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Last Oven Update For The Time Being.

I dismantled the bread oven - well I took the top off it. I had to do this because I wanted to lay a brick floor - hoping it would retain heat more. It got extremely hot, but it still did not retain the heat long enough in my opinion. It certainly bakes a loaf but one bake per firing isn't enough. I think it should cook for at least a couple of hours each firing. I am going to get some proper oven bricks. They are pricey but I think I can buy second-hand ones. When I rebuilt the dome I used a large flower pot upside down. I figured it was clay and should withstand the heat. It did.
I think you have heard enough about my bread oven.This is the last update until I get it working properly. I don't want to bore you.
Upside down flower pot.

Brick floor.

Good news regarding my Extremely Handsome Son George's wildlife pond. Last night for the first time since the pond was made there has been frog and toad activity. We have lots of spawn.
Frogspawn in the wildlife pond.

Snowdrops have bloomed in the paddock. Gladdens my heart to see them. Spring is in the air.
Mia the German Shepherd and snowdrops.

Labrinthitis - do you know what that is? I first had it a few years ago and it has struck me again. Hopefully it will not last long this time.

Thanks for coming by.


  1. I hope your labrinthitis doesn't last too long. Ringing ears can drive you crazy. If I remember correctly you had a bit of stomach distress too. Good luck.
    I have been enjoying your updates about the oven. Don't forget to let us know when you have it the way you want it.
    Good news about the vernal pond. Now Mia will have frogs to chase.

  2. Had to check out the name Labrinthitis, welcome to the club ... at least now I know what's wrong with me!!! Looking forward to seeing the adapted bread oven, hope it isn't too long a wait.

  3. It's not boring - I've enjoyed it and plan to build one in the future so I like reading the whole process as well as what works and what doesn't!