Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bread Oven Progress 4

Bread oven progress today. See the chimney? I am pleased with that. I made some adobe clay and began rendering inside the dome. Next time I build a brick oven I will render the inside with adobe as I go, as it has proved difficult to get inside to do it. See the chimney? I am pleased with that. I might have to shut a small child inside it tomorrow and tell it to start working. There is still plenty to do to the exterior too. Insulation is very important, I need to make sure the heat stays inside. See the chimney? I am pleased with that. Eventually you will not see all the work I have done because it will be covered in soil and become part of the earth bank it is built on. Have you noticed the chimney? I am pleased with that.

Clay. I only need to dig down about 18 inches to find it.

The clay is mixed with sand to become adobe.

Interior of oven before clay is added.

The oven will become part of the earth bank.

Adding adobe. I wish I had done this as the build took shape. It is proving difficult.

Chimney added. The bend in the chimney is not significant. I used what was available.

Some tidying up required I think.

Oven interior, The light is temporary just so you can see the brickwork.

I am pleased with progress so far. Tomorrow promises good weather. Perhaps I will get it finished? I must be patient and allow everything to dry slowly.

And after all this there is no guarantee it will work. We shall see. If not, I have learned some valuable lessons in outdoor bread oven building.

And finally. Here is a photo of me in my overalls specially for you ladies. Enjoy and please feel free to print a copy for your bedroom wall.
Me and Mia the German Shepherd.


  1. Your oven is so impressive. I wonder how long it will take for the finishing everything that needs to be done and let it set. By the way did you notice that there is a chimney on your oven?

  2. I think you've done a great job, John. I think you've enjoyed it, too.

  3. Brilliant. Did you mention a chimney????