Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Just Me Again. Rambling On.

All the annoying anonymous comments have disappeared. Thank you for the advice. It was so simple to stop them. Most things are easy once you get to know how to do them. I was getting so fed up with them. A page full of anonymous comments is quite a disheartening sight. They didn't all go to the spam page either. A lot of them were mixed up with all my regular emails. Look at this page.

Look at this picture of the spam. All of them absolute rubbish, except there right at the bottom is an email from Paul in New Zealand. I could easily have missed it. Never mind. All is well that ends well, and hopefully that is an end to it. I have not received one spam email today.

I don't know what to talk about now.

Sadie the German Shepherd and I went to the beach today. We walked a few miles. I picked up a couple of pieces of driftwood. I shall paint on them when they have dried out. Despite how far we walked today, and bearing in mind that the beach is between two fairly large towns and close to many villages, I did not see another soul. Marvellous! I could have been on a remote Scottish coastline, it was that quiet.

When I say quiet, that is apart from the waves which were quite big today. I love the sound the breakers make as they hit the shingle. Particularly those waves that kind of curl back under themselves. The yearning to go back to sea gets to me at these times. If I could live my life again I think I would spend it quite happily as a mariner. Although I would of course avoid anything that might distract me from my purpose. Such as women. And passenger liners. Far too many distractions on luxury ships. Lots of women. Oh well, we live and learn, or in my case live. I think I shall come back as a sea gypsy, and have a nice little yacht.

What else have I been up to today. I practiced playing my guitar a bit. It didn't help. I am still rubbish at it. I suspect that the secret to playing the guitar well is to be a bit of a nerd about it, and devote all ones time. That's what I think. I could just be one of the many who will never get to grips with it. Do you know how difficult an instrument it is? I reckon it must be one of the hardest instruments to play properly. I know lot's of people who have bought a guitar and simply given up in despair after just a few weeks. That's the problem you see, they think it is easy. Having said all that, I still get a lot of pleasure from strumming away and singing, even if it is just to myself. When I am on my own playing, I am quite simply the most phenomenal guitarist there has ever been.

The man who my extremely handsome son George works with in the forestry, has got a great big pile of timber offcuts from his sawmill. He says I can help myself to as much as I want. This would save a lot of money on fuel this winter. The trouble is that it is deep in the woods and my little vehicle stands no chance of getting in there. I have come to the conclusion that I shall have to get in there and just carry some out a bit at a time. On my shoulders. That should keep me warm. It might also cause me to have a heart attack. The annoying thing is that I have a tractor that would get into the woods easily, but it is out of action due to a faulty clutch. I am not a mechanic, despite my love of engines, and I haven't the money to get it sorted. I shall do my usual thing of waiting, and letting the Lord provide. He always comes up trumps in the end. He treats me very well considering I am so sceptical.

Talking about money, I haven't earned much lately. Having this pension is very nice, but it is making me lazy. I keep telling myself I will get by, but the truth is I'm not really. I have the capacity to earn more, but I am so undisciplined these days. Have I earned the right, by dint of my age, to take things a bit easier? Perhaps. But I need more money. I am thinking a part-time job would suit me. Mind you I would get clobbered for tax. I don't really need a lot more. But it would be nice to not use the overdraft facility. Daft really, I am what is known as asset rich and cash poor. I'm not going to sell anything. I want to leave something to EHS George when I go. Oh sod it! What is the point of worrying about money. It is worrying about something I haven't got. Where is the sense in that? That bit I said about a part-time job? Forget I said that please. I think I just had an aberration.

I finished making a hikers thumbstick today. It is a present for someone. I can't show you it yet in case they see it. I am pleased with it though. It is a personalised article. I have seen thumbsticks for sale on Ebay. Maybe I could start a business on there.

I think I shall say goodnight now, or maybe it is morning where you are? Whatever time of day or night it is with you, I hope you are well and happy. I shall be back soon. Unless something happens in the forest!


  1. Oh, how I miss the sea...I'm sad now.
    Anyhooooooo...of course you could/should have an e bay business..etsy/folksy whatever they are called. You'd do well.
    I haven't played the piano or guitar in 22 yrs...so console yourself that you are WAY better than me!!
    Jane x

  2. Nothing better than a walk on the beach with man's best friend to blow away money cares. Good idea to get an online shop and sell your art and crafts and your book. You might just make that little bit extra that you need. Good luck tomorrow. Shame you can't get that timber from the forest somehow.

  3. Delighted you've solved your spam problem. They used to be kind of fun and provided humor-fodder but finally, I too had to disable anonymous comments. I sure enjoyed your post today.

  4. I don't get a list of comments like that in my email box is that because I haven't signed up to email notification? I am baffled. I just go to my blog to read the comments.

    The reason I don't get a job is because the tax man would take a chunk from me. My pension is on the borderline of my personal allowance before tax. Any more and it would go over. My time is more precious to me than earning more money.

    It's morning as I write this. I have taken to making a mug of coffee and going back to bed for an hour or so. A much more civilised way of starting the day, rather than leaping out in a frenzy of activity. Have a nice day. I think I may sort out the spare room today, it's getting a bit cluttered.

  5. Wow--you're popular for spamming!
    Is this where I say 'better thee than me'?

    And, being a colonist--I've no clue what a thumbstick is.
    I'll awaken his-royal-sleeping-in-cuz-he's-retired and ask!
    Any excuse to waken him works for me! It means he'll make fresh coffee and I can steal some!

  6. I'm with you on the guitar playing. It is great fun to play but a hard instrument to get good at. I enjoyed our time together playing music. Hopefully catch up in 2014 and bring Lea this time. I remember fondly my run from your place to the beach. I know what you mean about the solitude there.

  7. Glad to hear your spam problems are over.
    Just think if you could do life over and live your life as a mariner, you could have a girl in every port :)
    As for money and leaving something for my kids, I intend to spend every last dime I have before I go, my kids can work their butts off for a paycheck just like I had to....lol

  8. I would very much enjoy time on a lone beach ...good for you!
    and wow...that spam is really out of control...i get maybe 1 or 2 comments a week..

  9. So happy that you got the spam comments sorted out...they can be quite annoying.
    Practice makes perfect they say, so I'm sure your guitar playing will improve with time like a fine wine.
    I still enjoyed your singing and playing in the videos that you posted.

  10. I think your voice and your guitar sounds great. You used to remind me of my dad, minus the beard, because my dad, when ever he is free he would sit there with his guitar. Either wiping it, tuning it or play a song or two. He even encourage me and my sister to play too, when we were young. We find it to be quite a painful event. My soft gentle fingers can't take it anymore so we stopped. Happy blogging to you. Hope you have a great week end ahead.