Thursday, 27 December 2012

Something Not Right With My PC.

That's it then. All over again for another year. It was much my usual kind of Christmas, except that Granny needed a lot of care due to her accident. Normally she gets stuck into helping but sadly she was confined to her chair this year. Her sense of frustration at this was palpable. I do feel sorry for her. To be completely able and fit one day and then suddenly not. She came to Tricia's house in the morning, and Tricia took her home in the evening and stayed with her.
Yesterday (Boxing Day) after the nurse saw her, she was taken back into hospital. I don't know the details yet as to why, but is is to do with the accident.

I am typing this on my little notepad computer, because the main PC just will not connect to the internet. Something strange is going on and I cannot figure it out. A few days ago I began to notice programmes appearing that I had not downloaded. Maybe I have been hacked? I noticed just now when I switched this on that google chrome has disappeared to be replaced by something that I never put on here.

If you don't hear from me for a while it is because I will be trying to sort things out.

I wanted to put some photo's here but I don't know how to do that on this machine.

At noon I am going for a walk with Sam and the dogs. I shall take Tricia's puppy Dixie as well. Should be quite a handful. Maybe I can persuade my extremely handsome son George to come with us? He is having a lie in today. He deserves it. He has been so helpful at getting things ready for Christmas.

I hope you have had an enjoyable time over Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year. Personally I am looking forward to keeping this blog going and talking a lot of nonsense for your reading pleasure. I am thinking of writing a book called 'Fifty Three Shades Of Grey'. That woman author did quite a good job but I noticed she missed out one or two things and I feel duty bound to share my extensive sexual expertise with the world!

If this little notepad keeps working I shall be back soon, if not, I shall see you when I see you. Bye for now.


  1. As you probably already suspect, it sounds like your main computer has caught a nasty virus. which may require a complete wiping of the hard drive and then a reloading of your basic programs. I had to endure this twice on our first computer a few years back, but someone of your considerable good looks and charm should not have nearly as much trouble as I had.

  2. I do hope Granny is okay. Please keep us informed if you can. I think you may have picked up a virus on your computer. Kill it as soon as possible so we will have your "nonsense" to keep us amused. Fifty-Three Shades of Gray? Are you sure the world is ready to know the things you could teach about sex?

  3. Too bad about granny, hope she's better soon. It does sound like you've got some kind of virus with the computer.
    I look forward to your future nonsense for my reading pleasure :)

  4. Hope 2013 is good to you John and I hope you get that computer sorted. Show it whos boss!! Sue

  5. I sympathize with computer problems. Don't rush anything, even though you "feel duty bound to share...extensive sexual expertise". I'm only 63 and probably won't understand much of it until I complete puberty.

  6. I'm sorry Granny and your computer are feeling under the weather. Poor lady, it is hard when things changs so fast. Hope the New Year is kinder to her and your computer.

  7. Have you tried system restore that will take your computer back to a time when it was behaving itself. Worth a try but don't interrupt during restoration or you will have problems.

  8. Love that word 'palpable'.

    Poor Granny, the fall certainly knocked her about. I hope she managed to have a decent Christmas and that she will be on the mend soon.

    I had a new 'something' somewhere, meaning either the PC, the phone, or the ipad (you can tell I'm ageing somewhat rapidly) that I didn't ask for or even know what it was. I'll try to be more vigilant in future, I promise.

    Happy New Year to you, John, oh and BTW the framed version will be on line on Sunday.

  9. Glad to hear your Christmas was a good one except for poor old granny. Hope she gets back her fitness. Sorry to hear you have computer problems. It is so frustrating. You know you really shouldn't have sex on your computer it makes it do weird things.

  10. Hope that Granny will be feeling better soon.
    When you get your pc sorted out (after ridding it of the virus), please install a good anti-virus program.
    I have installed several virus programs (Ad Aware, Avira, Spy Bot, and Malware. I update and run the scans every Sunday religiously.
    There are some folks out there who have nothing better to do but write malicious viruses that attack your pc while you are surfing the internet.
    Best of luck.

  11. My desktop computer has also rebelled against joining the internet community. Very annoying.