Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, NUMBERS!

Apparently G4 is a lot better than G3. Which I suppose is a good thing. Although I haven't got a bloody clue what it means! It could possibly have something to do with Iphones, or Ipads. Whatever they are?

I am getting a bit worried about all these letters and numbers. What happened to G2? Or even G1? How did I miss them. Come to think of it nobody told me about G either. What the hell was wrong with G? What about the rest of the alphabet? Things always used to start at A then you could upgrade to A1, but only when A had worn out. Which could take years. Of course you could have the 'Deluxe' version of anything, but only if you lived in a posh house in the suburbs.

What is an I phone anyway? Why I? Things should start at A. That is what A is for. Who decided to start messing around with things? I bet it was bloody foreigner. (I just had to look up how to spell foreigner. It didn't look right. I had the e and the i the wrong way round as usual. I can't see myself ever getting the e and i business right). Not that I have anything against foreigners (hey, got it right) well not much. You might well be a foriegner (wrong that time) but of course I am not including you in any blame. I like you. You read my blog. Anyway we are not allowed to say bloody foreigner any more. Some people are upset by it. Some people. Only some. So we have to change the way we speak. We even have to change the way we think! Because if you think something, there is a chance you might blurt it out loud, and that would never do. Free country? Freedom of speech? Don't make me laugh. No don't! Someone might hear me laughing. They might ask me what I'm laughing at. I shall have to tell them. I am so honest like that. I could get arrested! Who would write this rubbish if I'm in prison? Some bloody foreigner I suppose. You wouldn't understand a word. Not much difference there then!

I was watching that film, the Italian Job. There was a grumpy old English bloke wandering around Rome. Something or someone upset him, and he exclaimed, "Bloody foreigners!" It made me laugh. Typical English attitude. Always used to think we were better than anyone else. I suppose we lost that attitude when we returned the colonies and disposed of the British Empire. By the way, I am only half English, and there is some doubt about that!

What was I talking about? Oh yes letters as prefixes. I have just noticed that my camera is a Kodak AF. At least it has an A, but they had to spoil it with an F. What happened to B? Or 1? Maybe F means that my camera is the sixth version? I think they really ought to get things right first time. That way it wouldn't be necessary to keep changing the letters. The G string that's interesting. The garment I mean, not the guitar string.Why G string? I don't have any objection to those. I shall shut up about it now.

My water pipes froze today. I had a burst pipe in the paddock. Didn't notice it for hours. I should be able to go ice skating tomorrow. No I shan't, I don't have ice skates. But it will be like an ice rink. Is shan't a proper word? If it is a proper word should it have an apostrophe? Apostrophe, what a funny word that is. I cannot figure out it's root. Not that I've tried. It never crossed my mind before. I shall live with it. It isn't something that worries me at all. Apostrophe. It actually sounds as though it should have an apostrophe at the end. Apostrophe'. See what I mean. Maybe it has. Sorry about the rambling. I think the cold may have frozen my brain cell. I did wear a hat though. So it might not be that. Maybe I am just stupid!.

The fire is going good today. I am warm. I don't know why it was so sluggish yesterday. Do you think it is possible to freeze a flame? Maybe that is what was wrong with it yesterday? The fire was frozen! In the end yesterday to get a bit of heat, I sat in front of the fridge with the door open!

I have just realised. If the water was frozen today, how come the paddock is flooded? Nature! It really is a wonderful thing.

Today's date is 12-12-12. Here are some pictures I took at 12 minutes past 12 to mark the momentous occasion. I should have taken twelve pictures but it was only twelve minutes past twelve for a very short time. About sixty seconds in fact. Actually it was exactly sixty seconds. There just wasn't time.

Thank you for listening. I hope you are well.


  1. I always thought asterisk to be a strange word. And I remember the car called GTO. I must have asked the boy sitting next to me in trigonometry class a dozen times what GTO stands for. I still do not know. If it were not for EHS George I would find using letters only to be completely repugnant.

  2. I am doing A-OK and glad that started with the first letter of the alphabet, but should have said I am feeling in A1 condition todaynon12-12-12.

  3. Delightful post, John! Speaking of foreigners though, We've been having trouble colonizing this country lately. Queen won't answer my letters. Please advise.

  4. Kodak AF (auto focus) 3 G is 3rd generation!

  5. Despite all your rambling thoughts, I very much enjoyed this post.
    Keep warm.

  6. Thank goodness Deb had the answer to the Kodak code.

  7. My goodness, when you get going, you go! The mystery to G3 vs. G4 was solved for me the other day. For the "G" stands for "generation," and the numbers are an indication of what generation the smart-phone is. Don't ask me what the difference in the generations are. Okay, I suppose you can, but you will only get a blank look in response.

  8. I've just read this post out loud to Mr.T, he says it sounds exactly how I ramble. after being together for 49 years he's able to follow me though. lol
    Either that or he's learnt just the right places to nod or say yes.
    We need more bloggers like you, honest and good fun.
    Keep it up. The posts that is........

  9. I'm not only a bloody foreigner, I'm a damn Yankee.

  10. I am confused by some of the Iphone and other numerical assignments as well. Thanks Deb for clearing that up.