Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cold Enough To Freeze The Brass Off A Bald Monkey!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for Granny. She has had the operation and her hip has been pinned into place, It now matches the other hip she broke about fifteen years ago!
Tricia and extremely handsome son George have been with her today. She is not in pain but doesn't seem to realise that she is in hospital and is imagining all sorts of things. Last night apparently she kept the whole ward awake shouting for someone to turn her washing machine off! Tricia thinks she is hallucinating because she is dehydrated. In one of her lucid moments she confessed that she has not been drinking because she doesn't want to keep asking the nurses for a bedpan, because she doesn't want to be a bother. Tricia voiced this concern and they are going to monitor her fluid intake carefully. Although she is confused she still recognised Tricia and spoke to EHS George about College. So that is a good sign.

It is freezing in the wagon tonight. I have been cutting firewood and logs today from the free supply I told you about, so there is now a good stock. Tricia is pleased. The house is warm for her and EHS George and that makes me feel happy that I am doing my bit for them. It also gives me the opportunity to play with my new chainsaw. Part of the Ramshackle Art Gallery has to double as a log store. It all adds to the character of the place!

I have been watching football on TV with EHS George. Their new Sky sports channel is proving to be quite a distraction for me. There seems to be football on every night. I expect the novelty will wear off soon. Mind you it is quite cosy watching footie snuggled under the duvet with EHS George and a hot water bottle. But coming back to this cold wagon is a bit difficult, because despite all the firewood I have been cutting my fire refuses to burn properly tonight! I am tough though. Not a problem. Or at least it won't be when I'm in bed with a hot water bottle and a good book. I have just started another John Grisham novel 'The Littigators'. It is proving to be a very good read.

I made this dresser out of reclaimed timber over twenty years ago.

Yesterday I made a swinging bird table, and placed it in view of the windows. I like looking at the birds feeding. It is already proving very popular. Today though a gang of stormtroopers came along and caused havoc. Well they acted like stormtroopers, their real name is the European Starling! No other bird stands a chance when they arrive. Luckily they only visit for a short while twice a day.

I am also working on another thumbstick. This one has been sanded and primed ready for painting. It is going to be a Christmas present.

Last night I went on a date with a beautiful woman. We had a meal in a little restaurant. It was really nice. It is ages since I went out for a meal with a woman on a real date. We are going to do it again soon. I couldn't have much to drink because I was driving. My date didn't want to drink much either. She was a bit concerned that she might find me completely irresistible if she drank too much. So I ordered her a large carafe of red wine! Afterwards I drove her home and we had coffee. Because I am a gentleman I shall keep the rest of that night's events to myself. Strong stuff that red wine!

It is so cold now that my hands are numb, so I shall stop before I freeze in front of this keyboard, and my frozen corpse will be found in the morning. He blogged right to the end they shall say. Of course that won't happen I am not stupid enough t   o   a l  l o    wwwwwwww    mmmmmmm y ssel  f t  oo fre  eze to de a t h... G g g g o o  d n  ig


  1. You fit so much into one day,I'm exhausted just reading it.
    If you know anyone who knits,ask them to make you a pair of wristwarmers...great while you are at the keyboard.
    Jane x

  2. Good news about Granny. I am glad for all of you. It has been very cold here too but is warming a bit. Does your chimney need to be cleaned? That could be the reason for a poor fire. Nice thumbstick. It is good that your date went so well that you have another planned. Whew. You had a full post today.

  3. Well .. I guess there's no point in commenting then. Your eyes will be stuck to the screen and you won't be able to read this anyway! Sue

  4. Glad to hear Granny is over the operation and doing what a Granny should. Oh man, you do have your problems, a poor fire is not ideal for this time of year. Happy to hear about your date.... you probably won't need the fire to be too hot now.... grins.

  5. A friend recently broke her hip and acted exactly the same as Granny.
    I asked my son who is a sister (chargenurse in new speak) and apparently it is usual for hip ops to cause the patient to be less lucid for a bit, lets hope she's soon feeling better.

  6. Good news about granny and your date. Not so good to hear that you are cold. I can't bear to be cold. Hopefully you can get the fire going soon. Your living arrangements intrigue me.

  7. Glad to hear that Granny's operation went okay, and that she's recovering just fine.
    Granny is in hospital and you are out painting the town with a lady...glad your date went well, and another one soon on the horizon....good for you.
    Fill up your hot water bottle and get snuggly under a big blanket with Sadie and finish reading your book.

  8. Good to hear Granny made it through the operation ok. Wishing her a speedy recovery and warmer nights for you

  9. Glad to hear you got out on a hot date. I'm sure you were a true gentleman. Did you leave your hat on?