Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nice Things Have Happened.

Nice things have been happening these last few days. The most pleasing was today when my extremely handsome son George came home and told me he had just passed the course he has been working hard at. I am pleased to tell the world that he is now an FA level two football coach. For those who may not know, the FA stands for Football Association. I am so proud of my son. But you knew that already.

What else has made me happy lately? Oh yes, I sold the hen house I made from reclaimed materials and there is interest in the one I finished making at the weekend. This latest creation is built onto an old wheelbarrow. Keeping a few hens in the back garden is becoming very popular. I need to find a new source of old timber.

Sadie the German Shepherd checks out the egg stealing potential.

The ride on lawn mower broke down yet again. Not really surprising. Things are always going wrong with it. I was given it secondhand years ago when my friend Nicko got a new one. Apart from all the hassles it has served me well really. But this latest breakdown had me thinking the end had come for it. For a while I thought about buying a new one. But then I decided to have a go at fixing it myself. I am not very good at mechanical things, even though I love engines, but I thought there might be a problem with the carburettor. Anyway I stripped it down, cleaned it and by some miracle managed to put back together again. And the lawn mower began to work again! Hooray! That was a nice thing. Funny how happy making an old lawn mower work has made me.
Sometimes I let EHS George have a go at  driving it.

This computer suddenly stopped working a few days ago. I took it to be repaired. The man couldn't find anything wrong with it, but told me he thought it was something I plugged into it. I brought it back home and sure enough it was the monitor. I changed it and hey presto success! And he never even charged me. What a decent bloke, and what a nice thing to happen.

I changed the monitor screen and all was well.

Do you remember I told you I had my motor insurance policy cancelled after two days and they charged me £71? Well I got in touch with the financial ombudsman straight away, and lo and behold a few days later got my money refunded. As you can imagine I was happy about that.

This evening Tricia treated me to a Burger King Whopper meal. I like the occasional hamburger. Why is it called a hamburger when it is made from beef? It was very nice and as I was hungry I was happy to eat it.

I hope nice things are happening for you too and that you are happy.


  1. Congrats to your extremely handsome son George on his achievement.
    I'm glad too that things are going really well for you John....I really am.

  2. That sounds like enough good things to last you a great while! Congrats to your son, quite an accomplishment.

  3. What a nice reward for EHS George and all his hard work. He must have quite a talent. I hope things stay happy for you.

  4. Hamburg-er ... as in the place.

    Congratulations to EHS George and to you for having so many nice things happen. I like the hen house. Well done. Wish I could keep hens in my garden; it's big enough but not safe enough. Foxes, you know.

  5. Wonderful to see good things happening for you. It must be something in the wind because I have had lots of good stuff happening as well. I won a $100 cheque, then a $300 voucher for a plant nursery (I am about to make a new garden so it will be very handy) then I won $11.30 on Lotto and $16 on the horses. I though that was about it until I received a phone call from my insurance to tell me that I would be receiving a cheque for $100 for excess on a claim that ended up being tiny. All this has begun since I started wearing a Feng Shui necklace which is supposed to bring me good fortune.

  6. It is nice to see nice things happening to you.

  7. Wow! What a list of successes. I should be so lucky.