Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Adult Magazines?

I popped in to see my mate Nigel yesterday. As I got there he was coming down his garden path carrying a load of magazines.
"All right Nige," I said, "what you got there mate?"
"All right John boy," he answered, "I'm having a bit of a clear out, and I'm getting rid of me dirty magazine collection."
"What you gonna do with 'em Nige?" I says.
"I'm gonna chuck 'em in the recycling," he says watching me closely before adding, "unless you want 'em?"

Anyway the upshot is that I now own a big pile of adult content magazines. My intention is to try and sell them on Ebay. I heard somewhere that there is a big market for these sort of magazines.

I have had a good long close inspection quick browse through, and some of them are what might be described as vintage, At least that is how I am going to describe them in my advert.

It was raining today so for want of anything better to do I began cataloguing them. Very tiring work indeed. I had to go and have a lay down several times. I'm not as young as I was.

I haven't told Nigel that I intend to sell them. He might ask for them back. By the way his real name is not Nigel. I changed his name just in case he doesn't want to be mentioned. You know, what with him being the local Vicar and the type of magazines they are and all. His real name is Norman.


  1. You are very naughty. har har

  2. I was once on a train with a friend. She came back from the loo and declared (rather loudly)..."there's a men's mag in there..the issue you are in". There was a sudden rush for the loo!
    Jane x

  3. People are attracted to smut like flies are attracted to cow poop (that's a crappy pun intended.....)
    You should have no trouble selling them on eBay.

  4. LOL... will you share your profit with Nigel, sorry Norman.

  5. Bet you get rid of them on EBay in no time.
    Vintage porn should bring in top dollar for

  6. Remember 'Men Only' that was a regular in our house years back. lol

  7. Vintage porn... Good job the internet came along really!

  8. Are you finished cataloguing the first one yet?

  9. Too funny John. You make me laugh. Enjoy cataloguing the magazines. =)

  10. You still ploughing through, erm cataloguing, those mucky books? You won't be able to sell them if they are too dog eared, naughty boy. :o)

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