Monday, 6 May 2013

Miss White

In my last post I told you how one of the new hens namely Miss White looked very much to actually be a cockerel. In fact so convinced were we all that we had decided he would have to be returned to where she had come from.

Well blow me down with a feather! The very next morning when I let them out of the hen house, to my astonishment. Mr Christian Grey immediately jumped on whom we supposed to be a young cockerel Mr White and gave him a jolly good rogering! Good grief I thought, 'Mr Christian Grey is a homosexual'. Not that there is anything wrong with that he hastens to add.

After that the young Mr White disappeared and I presumed he had gone off to recover from the traumatic situation he had just found himself in. But no! He had not. I found him sitting in the nest box where to my further astonishment he laid an egg!

Forgive me my dear Miss White. You are quite obviously a female and I hope you will have a happy life here. Mind you, you do look very male. It was an easy mistake to make. What a good job you laid an egg.

We had the local elections last Thursday, and Tricia was standing as a candidate. The count was on Friday and I went with her to lend my support. It was actually quite exciting watching the vote counters. The pile of votes for Tricia was neck and neck with her nearest rival. In the end she didn't win the seat on the council, but my goodness it was close. She came second having taken almost half the votes cast. This was remarkable and it was the same story across the country. UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party is very new but it has given all three of the regular parties something to think about.
Tricia smiling magnanimously at the winner.
Not allowed to take photo's of the count going on, but I sneaked this one.

But this blog isn't about politics so I shall leave it there, except to say how proud I am of Tricia. If she's not careful, the way things are going, she could well become an MP at the next general election!

It has been a busy day. I am in the process of making another hen house to sell. Again out of reclaimed timber. It isn't really work because I enjoy it so much.
My extremely handsome son George and I had a bit of a clear up this evening, and we had a bonfire. First of all making sure there were no wild creatures in danger. I love having a bonfire. Here are some pictures of  extremely handsome George doing most of the work!

George taking a slow worm to safety.

I hope you all enjoyed a nice long weekend too.


  1. Good job getting all that work done. And Miss White seems to have known what she was all along, and probably didn't care what you thought. Congrats to Tricia.

  2. Tricia with her loyal supporters must have run a good campaign. I'm glad Mr White has been given a reprieve. I must admit my mind was ignited with what a good rogering might look like!

  3. Miss White is really a Miss White...thank heavens!
    Congrats to Tricia on a well-run campaign, she will surely pull it off next time around.
    I agree with Paul above, the thought of a good rogering is now indelibly etched in my brain.

  4. The bearded wonder's name is Roger! What more can I say!

  5. What a relief that Miss White knows who or what she is! Congratulations to Tricia, UKIP did rather well. As you say, something for others to think about.