Monday, 13 May 2013

A Bit Of Insurance Against Beige Stuff.

I got ripped off by my motor insurers today. That's what it feels like to me anyway. The new policy I took out was cancelled two days later. They said even though I'm retired I am an artist and I might use the vehicle to go to the shops and buy art materials. therefore I should have a business policy. They don't do business policies though, so they cancelled. But get this everyone, they charged me £71 cancellation fee! Not only that but the rest of my money won't be back in my account for three to five days, and I can't afford to take out another policy until it is. Not only that but they kept me hanging on the phone for more than half an hour on an 0845 number while they 'sorted' it all out. Probably cost twenty quid for the phone call too. This insurance company is called Adrian Flux. They certainly got me in a bit of a flux I can tell you. Adrian Flux sucks! They should be called Adrian Fux! I really think they should make all their checks before they take the money off their customers. The whole thing stinks of a scam. I was bloody furious this morning. They took the shine off my happiness at being the owner of a 'new' Volkswagen campervan. Not for long though. It is a beautiful vehicle and once I get it properly insured I am looking forward to some trips out with Sadie the German Shepherd. I phoned up the ombudsman and they were straight on to this case. He was actually composing the letter to the insurance company as I spoke to him. I will get my money back I'm pretty sure about that. I am a member of a large VW club with many members, and a good deal of them will not be dealing with Adrain Fux. I misspelt Adrian then. It wasn't deliberate, but how appropriate. A drain fux. Anyway that's enough of that. I have calmed down a bit now. I don't like being angry. Not good for the soul.

Here are a couple of photo's of my camper. Beautiful ain't she? She? Hey, anything this gorgeous has to be female!
Roof up.

Roof down.

In town the other day it suddenly struck me why old men look old. It is because of the clothes they wear. Particularly the coats. They always seem to wear beige or tan coloured stuff. I am staying well away from those colours. They definitely make men look old. Look why, just because you are getting on a bit, should you start wearing boring colours? For goodness sake get some colour back into your life. What's wrong with red yellow or blue. Brighten up you old guys, it will take years off you. Not only that but ladies will start to take an interest in you again. Take me for instance, women are always approaching me and asking for my phone number. I am inundated with them. I have had to start turning some of them away. I tell you what I'll do. If you promise to wear more colourful attire I shall send some of these women your way. Yes I know I'm being generous but we men should stick together. Of course I do realise that it isn't only my bright clothes that attract them, I happen to be blessed with extreme good looks and charisma too. Not many men have these attributes, you probably don't. But get brightened up. It will help. I promise you that.
Ditch the beige OK?


  1. I've always fancied a campervan/RV....I'll have to fancy yours....we don't have one.
    Jane x

  2. well that's a rather fancy van too bad about the insurance

  3. Nice van, I am sure your dog would love a ride in it. It is so true that elderly men should wear bright colors. Ladies too. I remember my mum telling me when we were young that by forty she will shop wearing skirt, by then too will also stop coloring her nails etc and I remember asking her why. She didn't give me an answer. We don't really have to wear certain stuffs or color at certain age, do we? Look at Tina Turner, she still looks great. Happy blogging to you

  4. It's an awesome vehicle. Insurance is a legalized scam. I hate spending money on it.

  5. So sorry about the way you were treated by Adrian Flux.
    My insurance for my Beast is up tomorrow, so I'll be renewing with the same company. They're pretty okay, and treat me well.
    Love your new campervan a whole lot....very nice.
    Make sure you get the best coverage for her.
    Hope the ombudsman comes through for you.

    1. I love the new header big happy family.

  6. I introduced hubby to red last Christmas... wondering now about other colours for his next pressie. Love the new vehicle. Happy travelling.

  7. That is just not right to be treated like that. I also hate to pay insurance, but it's a necessary evil. Love the campervan, you have a right to be proud. The elderly man I worked for always wore brown brown brown. Good idea to perk it up with brighter colors.

  8. Your new header photo is magnificent!

  9. I find insurance companies some of the most difficult agencies to work with. In America, it is a LAW to have a minimum amount of insurance, and yet, if some folks have poor credit-they deny insurance coverage even if they don't have a poor driving record. Make sense out of that...even if a bloke hasn't had a policy cancel due to non payments of premiums.

  10. Love the new header, I gather Sadie is okay now, she looks fine.
    We make sure we don't wear any oldie colours, I love my big earrings and a bit of blonde at the front and Tom wears a wax jacket and jeans. Most important though is to make sure you stay upright and don't lean over, that will make you look old faster than anything and the ladies will notice. lol

  11. I thought our insurance companies here in the US were the only ones that did things like that. I like the van.