Saturday, 23 February 2013

What's Going On?

There is a reason for my absence this last week, but I'm blowed if I can pin it down. Suffice to say for the moment that life has suddenly become busier on a personal and work level, and my head just would not let me sit down and write.

Samantha and I have been out together a few times lately and also my darling daughter Jodie and granddaughter Maisie are back in my life. These facts have made me very happy, but have tended to occupy my mind to the exclusion of most other things. Of course this is a good thing, happiness is a blessing. I wish everyone could have more of it in their lives. Naturally, being so wise and ancient, I am aware that it can be a transient emotion so I intend to enjoy every moment, and try to make sure it stays.

The presence of all these lovely females in my life has made me aware that the facilities around this old homestead are not what they should be, so at last I am getting the bathroom finished to a proper standard, and am keeping the place in a reasonably tidy condition. This will also be good for me, as I am enjoying the tidiness and having space to move without tripping over things all the time.

Also I have been working. I mean proper work. So I can clear this overdraft, that though quite small, still hangs like a millstone around my neck. I do not like owing money, even to the bank. Usually I tend to dismiss money worries, as it seems pointless to worry about something I haven't got, but for some reason this small sum is getting to me. Next week should pay it off.

My extremely handsome son George.

Coppicing Hazel.

You may be wondering how Sam and I got on with the song we were rehearsing for The Open Mic night on Valentines day? Well I am pleased to say that it went very well. I did actually get someone to record it for me on the night, but sadly I have not been able to get her permission to show it just yet. I think she wants to get it as near perfect as we can before that happens. To be honest we probably sing it better when we don't have an audience, so I shall try to get a recording the next time we rehearse it. By the way the song is called Something Stupid. Nancy Sinatra had a hit with it, singing with her dad, oh what was his name? Our version sounds much better, mainly because I have been blessed with such a melodious singing voice, so much more pleasant to listen to than Nancy's dad, ol' what's his name? Sam sounds a lot better than Nancy too. And looks better.

A well shaped ear. And look there is Sam on stage at Open Mic.

I am sorry for my absence, and will try to keep up from now on, even if it is just a short post to let you know what is happening. There is plenty going on. I just need to readjust my life a bit.

See you soon.


  1. I am sure Sam sung it better than Nancy, I never thought Sinatra's kids were very good singers.

  2. Nice to have you back John, I was hoping it was good stuff happening that was keeping you busy. So glad that your daughter and grandaughter are back in your life. My 8 grandkids are a great blessing to me and keep me happy and very entertained.
    Great news about the overdraft, its such a relief when you dont have anything dragging you down.

  3. I am so glad you posted something. I was a bit worried about you. It is wonderful that all the females in your life are having a positive effect. It will be comforting to you to have a bit more order to your life. It is good that your Darling Daughter Julie and Sweet Granddaughter Maisie are still active in your life. EHS George looks well too. Children are such a joy. I would like to address Samantha now, if I may. My Dear, please allow John to let us hear your duet. If you are worried about what we might think, just know that if John cares about you we care about you. I understand about perfection but we do not need you to be perfect. We only want to share.

  4. Sometimes the overburdening the day to day living can reek havoc on blog life. I excuse you. But cripes, get yourself together, man.

  5. Oh my! That is OUR song- Om and me. I'll await eagerly.

  6. Glad your grabbing happiness with both hands. You will need to do something about that memory...his name is Frank!

  7. As long as you are living an enjoyable life, I wouldn't worry about plebs like us. Sounds like your life has improved greatly.

  8. Oh John I am OK with your absence since it seems life has finally figured out what a great guy you are and seems to be rewarding you. Take care and enjoy every minute.
    Paul sent me so I guess I should say that:) Enjoy John you deserve it. B

  9. Our loss is their gain and that's pretty darn cool. So don't feel bad about not blogging as often. We will just have to assume that you are having a wonderful time, as well you should.

  10. We will be expecting to receive all of your manly man credentials in the mail by the end of the week. Out of respect for your years of strict adherence to the code before you became a slave to feminine wiles, an hour of mourning will be observed when your credentials are received. Some tears may even fall, but they will never be acknowledged.

  11. Happiness is a blessing...enjoy it.
    Glad you're was nice to see a post from you again.