Monday, 25 June 2012

Sadie The German Shepherd And Love Struck John Take A Walk.

John likes to talk. When I take him out for a walk, he will keep stopping suddenly, and tugging on his lead, just to say hello to someone. Doesn't matter who it is either. Could be a complete stranger. Most people smile at him benignly and continue on past, although there are some who will stop and chat.

He really loves it when people make a fuss of him. Doesn't matter how much I pull on his lead, he won't come until he is ready. But it's a different matter if I stop to have a sniff at something, it's, "Leave it Sadie. Dirty dog!" If I stop for a wee, he gets so impatient with me, " Sadie! Do you have to pee every few steps?" Yet when he stops to water a tree, I'm expected to wait patiently and keep a watch out just in case the Vicar's wife comes by.

Oh that was hilarious, when that happened one time. I've never forgotten it. He got such a shock when she suddenly appeared. In his haste to do himself up, he got his willie stuck in his zip, and he had to stand there, with a fixed grin, in absolute agony, while she reminded him about the Church fete!

It was even more fun, watching him trying to free himself too. I could tell it hurt, because he had wet eyes, and was saying bad words! His eyes weren't the only wet area either. I won't mention the state of his trousers, "Dirty boy!"

You may have noticed I referred to it as a willie. Well if you could see it, you would probably call it that too. It is far too small to be called a penis!

At the moment he is handing out party invitations to everyone we meet. So progress on the walk is particularly slow. If they all turn up it will be like Woodstock in the paddock! He is so worried that nobody will turn up at the party, that he is practically begging people to come. There is a big risk that the whole thing will turn into a pensioners convention! If it rains on the day, there is likely to be mobility scooters stuck everywhere!

A picture of me.
When we eventually reached the village today, he got a bit love struck. What happened was that he saw a woman he hadn't seen before, walking towards the shop. About his age too. Very attractive. He was definitely interested. I could tell that, because when she drew near he didn't smile and say good morning. In fact he was struck dumb. He gets like that when he really fancies someone. Tongue tied. It's a dead giveaway, and although he tried not to make it obvious, he couldn't take his eyes off her. He really is pathetic at times.

We had to wait outside the shop until she came out. Then he gave her a shy smile, as he pretended to adjust my collar. Naturally, she came up and gave me a stroke. Do you know what he said to her, as she petted me? He said, "Careful, she's a smelly old thing!" The nerve of it! John, saying I'm smelly! Pot, kettle and black come to mind.

Anyway she went off. His new love interest. He tried to look as though he was reading a notice in the shop window, but he was actually waiting to see which way she went. As I said, pathetic.

Tomorrow morning, as sure as eggs is eggs, he will want to go for a walk at exactly the same time in the hope of seeing her again. The only difference being that he will have tidied his beard up and be wearing his best clothes. He is so predictable. He won't say anything to her though. He will just stand there, feigning disinterest, like a love struck kid. Pathetic!

Eventually he will of course discover that she is a happily married lady. He will feel sorry for himself for a while. Will I ever find love again? Am I that ugly? What is it about me? That sort of thing. Then he'll do the whole, I'm happy as I am routine. Until the next time a likely looking female passes by.

I still love him though. The silly old fool!

The only good thing about the situation is, that tomorrow morning, he will have such a sense of purpose that he will forget to stop and talk to everyone we meet on the walk.

                      Lots of love from Sadie xx

PS. John has had an article published at Nature Center Magazine today. I thought you might like to read it.


  1. Oh Sadie that is so funny. Zena says that she couldn't agree more with the way that humans behave xx

  2. I, for one, hope the lovely lady is not only available but that she takes the initiative and forces John to make a move. Men can be so childish. Sadie, maybe she has a companion for you too. Wouldn't that be nice?

  3. I forgot to mention how much fun the article at Nature Center Magazine is. I hope all your readers take a look.

  4. My dear Sadie,
    I once wished I had a willie, so I could just whip it out anytime and anywhere when I needed to take a whiz, but after reading about John's little accident I'm glad I don't have one... OUCH!

    Not to say that I have'nt had a few of my own incidents down there, like when I accidentally got a little too close with the scissors while trimming the bush into a nice topiary and cut a huge chunk of skin off and to make matters worse putting a huge band-aid on it only to rip even more skin off when I removed the damn band-aid! :O

    The nerve of him to call you a "smelly old thing" after it was you who introduced him to his new love interest.. shame on you JOhn!

    Take care Sadie, hopefully John will behave the next time you take him out for a walk.

    Very cute article you had published, I was also wondering how the nest managed to stay put and not fall apart. Congratulations! Hope your party goes well.

  5. You certainly have your work cut out taking care of John, Sadie! He sounds like a real liability! Best just to keep him amused and play along with his little games. Stick with him! As pathetic as he is he needs you desperately! Without you he is nothing!

  6. oh my dear Sadie, we do have problems with our humans don't we? I have the same difficulty with Ann when I take her for a walk. She just doesn't understand who is in charge.
    Your friend Duke

  7. Where would we humans be without dogs like you?

  8. You'll have to watch that Sadie of yours. Sounds like the DOG WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH

    Congratulations on the article - and that's a nice website, too. which I hadn't spotted before.

    I hope the lady doesn't turn out to be the new vicar's wife. :)