Monday, 7 May 2012

Teddy Bear. A Revelation.

Over the last year or so I have opened my heart to you. I have been frank, honest, and sincere. I have not held back in my desire to tell the truth about myself. There is plenty more to come as well. But first there is something you ought to know about me. Something that may well shock you rigid.

I have held back from revealing the information I am about to tell you. I have held back because what I have to tell you, might well cause you to reflect on your opinion of me. Might even cause you to question my masculinity!

However, after much thought, and soul searching I have finally decided to bite the bullet. To come clean. To confess. To reveal all!

My dear, dear friends. Are you sitting down? Please I beg you, forgive me when I tell you: I have a teddy bear!
This is Inky Purvis. My teddy bear.
I know. I know. I can hear your gasps of disbelief. Disbelief that I, such a rugged, hardy, and yes I agree, handsome man, should have a teddy bear!

But wait, you dear people. It gets worse. Nay! Nay! I hear you cry, please spare us. But I have to go on. I have to!

I actually bought my teddy bear myself! I went into a shop and purchased a teddy bear! Not as a gift for someone else. Oh no! I bought the teddy bear for myself! Yes I know. Unbelievable!

Twenty three years I have owned him. Twenty three years!

It was so sudden. I walked past the shop window, and there he was. Sitting forlornly, staring out at all the passers by. How many people must he have seen that day? Possibly thousands. Yet he called to me. He chose me. He stopped me in my tracks. Made me enter that shop, and made me hand over twenty quid of my hard earned money. I had no choice in the matter. It just happened. Just like that.

He is sitting behind me now as I write. In his usual place on the shelf, from where he can see everything that goes on.

His name is Inky Purvis. He is my teddy bear. I am exceedingly fond of him. He knows everything. But he won't tell! Never!


  1. I have two teddies...Pinky is my favourite because I chose him myself, hubby has a Teddy "Russ" who spent some time in the Royal Navy....Chris saved Russ's life when Chris's ship got blown up in the Falklands....Russ was all Chris had left apart from the overalls he was wearing.
    Jane x

  2. Hey John!
    I would be proud of that Teddy Bear! I can't see much of his face but he looks like a very cool, laid back sort of guy. Good for you, I say, buy things that give you joy. Full stop.

  3. Awww, love your special friend :-). He is so cute. And they make great listeners don't they?

  4. perhaps you started a trend all those years ago when you purchased your teddy bear. My husband has a small one on his desk and my son also has one

  5. I think he chose you, just like you said. You helped him as much as he helped you.

  6. Inky Purvis is gorgeous! He made a great choice! I'm sure he is a well loved companion and cnfidante.

  7. Inky Purvis... did you name him or was he already named when you first met? There's no sin for anyone, male or female, owning a special friend like him.

  8. I have two teddy bears which I won't part with, they've been with me since I was a baby, Pinky because he's pink, and Growly because he growls, he's not vicious though.

  9. John, just one teddy bear? We have many, most of which are currently in storage except for the purple bear on my dresser, the one that is always in the back seat of my vehicle, and a few in the guest bedroom. The majority are in storage as we had to de-clutter our home for showings. Once we sell and relocate, all those bears will be freed from temporary captivity!

  10. It is goof to have confidante that will keep every secret safe. My last name before I was married was Baer. My mother always wanted a boy named Theodore so she could call him Teddy. Luckily my father put his foot down on that one. Unluckily my sister's middle name is Teddi.

  11. Great photo too. hahaha These blogs reveal a lot- secrets, and sometimes the underbelly and more.

  12. I love that you have a teddy,and I love your blog.