Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Have Been So Busy!

Cor blimey! It's Thursday already. I have been so busy. How are you? I mean 'good morning. Thought I'd better pop by to say hello. Two days without blogging, have left me riddled with guilt. I have given myself a smack on the wrist.

This isn't a proper post either I'm afraid. Too busy.

I've been making some fencing for a friends garden. When I can dodge between the rain that is. Also my cooker oven isn't working, so I have taken one from an old caravan and am in the process of fitting it in my kitchen. What a flipping palaver! It is a fitted cooker, and I spent ages trying to get it to fit, only to discover I had cut the insert hole the wrong way round. Arrgh!

I managed to scrounge another twelve sheets of corrugated roofing sheets yesterday. Marvellous!

The 'World Famous Ramshackle Art Gallery' gets a little closer to completion.

I call it world famous because you, dear readers, are all over the world, and you know about it!

Somewhere in among the chaos the Ramshackle Gallery is taking shape.
This scrounging stuff. I've always been good at it. I just adopt my little boy lost and confused look and that's it. Jobs a good 'un!

Got to go now. See you soon. No really I have to go. Busy!


  1. Time does have a way of getting away so fast, John. Good to know that the world famous ramshackle art gallery is moving along...when is the opening reception?

    1. Hopefully soon Beatrice. But I am not good at deadlines.

  2. Keeping busy keeps you out of trouble, but it is maddening when work that requires some labor goes wrong. I'm positive you'll correct the flaw somehow. Your world famous ramshackle art activity sound interesting. Keep us posted.

  3. John, I shouldn't put the champers on ice then?
    Jane x

  4. All the activity should make for a good night's sleep.

  5. I love ramshackle, wish I could see it in person.

  6. are a hoot.
    Please don't feel guilty for taking a blog break. I do it often.:)

  7. Always nice to hear from you. I also feel guilty after no blogging for 48 hours. I'm now going to do a short one.

  8. Glad to hear you're keeping out of mischief... grins. WFRAG has a certain ring to it. Be sure to design a plaque when it's finished so that people will know they're witnessing a major achievement.

  9. Ya working on my guilt... now I must get busy!