Friday, 25 May 2012

My Blogger Friend Comes To Visit.

It was a good job that I took my truck when I went to pick up fellow blogger Paul from the railway station, because he had brought a heck of a lot of beer with him! He had brought it all the way from his home in New Zealand! I think someone must have mentioned we have a drought here in England and he didn't want to take any chances.

I recognised him immediately, but I think he struggled to recognise me, because photos tend to make me look like a short fat bloke, when in fact I am actually tall and slim.

Also I had neglected to inform him that I usually like to dress in women's clothing! On this occasion I was in my favourite summer frock! He didn't seem too phased by this, in fact he told me he loves floral prints.

We were instantly at ease in each others company. It felt to me that we had been friends for ages instead of having just met for the first time. Which just goes to show the power of this blogging business.

There were no awkward silences, as there sometimes is when meeting someone for the first time. In fact he couldn't keep his mouth closed. If he wasn't talking ten to the dozen, he was swilling lager. Oh that reminds me, I must phone the council to arrange to have his empty cans and bottles removed!

Tricia liked Paul, especially when she realised he had a rucksack full of lager!
Now if I may be serious for a moment. What a great bloke! Handsome, athletic, caring and a heart of pure gold. Yes that's me. Paul seemed quite pleasant too.

No seriously, proper seriously Paul. You are a great guy, and it was a real privilege for you to finally meet me!

Tricia, Paul and Sadie the German Shepherd enjoy the sunshine.
Right that's it. No more rambling. Paul I like you a lot. We male bonded I think. You were only here for 24 hours, but we had a lot of fun, music, and laughter in that short time. I was genuinely sad to see you go.

At the station I almost gave you a man hug. The only thing that stopped me was that I didn't want to crease my new frock!

Paul on guitar and lager beer!
To be continued.


  1. Okay, now this made me laugh out loud, but I am waiting for the music!!! :-)

  2. Yes, the power of blogging! Perhaps our world leaders could indulge to the benefit of all nations.

  3. It sounds like you two had a great time! Nice to see photos of the visit!

  4. You did look rather fetching in that floral frock but I managed to curb my animal instincts. Didn't want to break your heart by us getting too emotionally and physically involved with me having to leave. The start of a beautiful relationship I feel. Thanks for sharing your bed with me!

  5. Florals? YOU? No no no, John! Polka dots, preferably in seriously clashing colours.
    Jane x

    1. You and Paul seem to be brothers with other mothers.

  6. I'm so jealous, mostly by your floral frock but that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I hope this gives you happy memories for many years to come.

  7. I'm sure that it was very hard for Paul to leave after all the fun you had.

  8. Sounds like a great time had by all, and way cool that you met a fellow blogger. I have quite a few I would like to meet so this is inspiring.

  9. Brilliant! Love to read posts where blogging friends get together and the photos were great too. Happy weekend to you.

  10. John, yes it is such fun to meet blogger friends. We have met 3 since last fall and are already planning to meet more on future road trips. And, of course, if we have bloggers come to meet us bearing gifts of any wort that would be welcomed too! Glad everyone had such a great time and have been enjoying your posts. We can imagine how lovely you looked too.

  11. Haha- If I ever get across the pond I'll look you up too, but I think I'll bring my tent. However, I don't travel with beer or a guitar. And, I'd just as soon you kept your jeans on and left the frock home. I already have one friend who wears Caftans, spins and weaves, and plays Father Christmas every year.