Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sadie The German Shepherd Does It Again. With A Bit Of Help From 'Nature Center Magazine'.

Oh it makes me so furious! After all the effort I put in too. I just wish I knew the secret of how she does it.

Oh I'm sorry. You probably are wondering what I'm on about. Who it is that has upset me. Well I'll tell you. It's Sadie the German Shepherd. She has gone and done it again. Doubled the readership! In the last post. It wasn't even really about her either. All she did was sit there looking bored. Where is the skill in that! I'm totally flummoxed. What is the point? I have a good mind to let her write all the posts. She might just as well. She obviously has something I haven't got. Or at least that's what you all think.

She smells! Did you know that? And wind! She's even worse than me in that respect. Another thing, she will steal the very food off your plate given half a chance! And I hope you are not eating a meal while reading this, but she is always licking herself. Down there. You know, on her rude bits! It's disgusting!

So there you have it. What she is really like. If you were thinking about transferring your allegiance from me to her, please reconsider. At least I have a shower every six months whether I need one or not, and use deodorant if there's any about!  As far as the wind goes I have that well under control. Most of the time. Also I haven't stolen any food for ages, and I most certainly don't lick my.... Well you know. Anyway I can't reach. Not that I've tried. Well, apart from that time when I took up yoga, but that was a freak accident. I won't try that again in a hurry!

Hey, I just realised. It must be the use of the words German Shepherd in the title. That is what attracts all those extra readers. I think I'll change this blog title to "Don't Unplug Your German Shepherd" see what happens then. Hmm.. That might increase my advertising revenue. Worth a try I suppose. I might get rich. Oh she is a lovely doggie that Sadie!

"Sadie, come and give your old dad a hug. Oh for God's sake Sadie, go away, I need to open the window!"

There is another reason for my blogs increased popularity today. I have been interviewed by Emma Springfield who is a writer for Nature Center Magazine. I haven't spelled centre wrong, that is how they spell it in the States. They have some funny ways over the pond.

You can read my incredibly interesting interview at I suspect lots of you already read Nature Center Magazine as it is very popular.

I am pleased to say that Sadie the German Shepherd does not feature in my interview. She is getting far too much publicity as it is.

It is a wonderful interview I think you will enjoy it. It's all about me! Not that that means much. What's that? You think I'm being modest? How kind you are.

See you soon. Bye.


  1. Very good interview John!

    Sorry that Sadie took over yesterdays post, I was probably the only person who was actually listening to you play your whistle! :)

    Now if you don't mind, I think I will spend a little part of my evening reading some of your older post.

  2. Perhaps I should interview Sadie. If she is half as clever as you are, she will give a good story. And we all know that she is twice as clever so...

  3. Congrats on the interview, and it was nice to be introduced to Sadie. I have a basset hound named Tank that would love to meet her. He is a sucker for those European ladies. Also, glad you decided to comment a few times on my blog. Enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. Take care, and don't let all that fame go to Sadie's head.

  4. John, I really enjoyed your interview...and the first comment.:-D)

    Now I am off to see you play the whistle.

  5. Off to check out your interview.
    I'm across the pond but we Canadians use English centre it is!
    Jane x

  6. I feel Sadie has been given some bad press. I witnessed no offensive behaviour on my visit. I suspect there is some professional jealousy on your part. Will get to the interview when I've caught up with all my domestics. Priorities you know!

  7. I see you have finally learned what I did a long time ago. Dogs are more popular than their blogger humans. It's a fact we just have to learn to deal with. :)
    Congrats on the interview I"ll have to check it out