Friday, 4 May 2012

Adverts. They Could Be Inappropriately Appropriate!

My adverts have returned. Apparently they disappeared because I didn't enter my pin number.

Which I couldn't do because I didn't have a pin number! Doh!

They don't seem to be doing any harm so they can stay for the moment while I decide if I really want them.

Google it seems, base the ads on what I write about on this blog. Blimey! That must confuse the hell out of them.

There was a little bit of trepidation on my part, when I read that they also base them on the type of web sites I visit!

Oh dear, oh dear! I suppose I shall have to behave myself!

As I always do!

PS I have just had a look at the preview before I publish this, and there is an advert for a filipino dating agency. I have never looked at a filipino dating site. Never! Ever! That's the truth!


  1. No Filipino dating sites, but I was intrigued by that fascinating bondage gear ad

  2. LOL @ the Filipino dating sites. I don't have ads, but I do check sometimes what ppl search to find my site and one person stumbled onto my site and based on what he was looking for it was clear he was looking for one of "those" sites. Boy would he have been disappointed looking at my blog...

  3. I've hesitated to run ads through Google and Blogger, but I've lately begun to consider it.

  4. Ha, ha, all your secrets will be revealed! The ads from Google will not lie!

  5. Your safe with me... I never even see them, let alone read them. I'm in a zone most of the time.

  6. Now you've mentioned Filipino dating agency you'd better watch out! I don't have adverts but I have noticed ads on email that seem linked to my blog. I also have new followers who seem as if they've searched for something I write about and join up ... they might just be disappointed! I had a malware scare yesterday, couldn't even get into the blog. A full scan revealed no problem on the computer but I had acquired two followers from the Far East. Just wondered....

  7. You behaving yourself made me chuckle.