Friday, 24 June 2011

Slugs And Snails And German Shepherd Dog Tails.

                                    A Complaint By Sadie Bain.

As my loyal and regular readers, you already know I am of the German Shepherd persuasion. A noble and well respected breed, I hope you will agree.
I did not have a great start in life. A bit like John really. We were both in 'homes' in the early part of our lives. Both of us were quite badly treated. I was a nervous wreck when I first came to work for John, highly strung. Jumped a lot at my own shadow. That sort of thing. It took a long time for us to trust each other. But now I enjoy my work as his companion and protector and love him to bits.
To tell the truth I no longer think about it as work. He's more of a friend these days. In truth I do get a little possessive at times, although not in a bad way. Unless I sense he is in danger that is. Then I have been known to adopt the full on German Shepherd, get away from my buddy routine.
Please don't spread it about, but that old saying about bark being worse than bite, could easily be applied to me. Strangers don't realise this though, so I can see anyone off with just a bit of noisy role play. Quite an easy job really and as I say, I enjoy my life caring for him.
The food is good, when he has a bit of spare cash that is. Actually no. Let me revise that statement. The food is cheap, but acceptable.
Some unthinking person, once told John that high protein dog food is not good for German Shepherds. Some nonsense about it affecting our back legs. Of course John saw this as a great chance to save a bit of money and so, as I say, cheap but acceptable.
Ironically, if anything, it's John's legs that are showing signs of wear and tear, not mine. I haven't seen any signs of him cutting back on his rations though. Not that I would want him to because he does throw the occasional piece of steak my way. Anyway as I say, life is good with John. He wouldn't win employer of the year maybe, But I can't complain.
Until now, that is! I am not too happy with him at the moment. I feel let down. I have given him years of devotion, and now this has happened.
There is a new kid on the block. A puppy! A cutesy wootsy puppy wuppie. Not even a proper dog. It's a terrier. (Sorry about that Duke. But I'm grumpy today). Three times that puppy has visited. Three times!
One ray of hope for me is that it is not John's pup. No, it belongs to his ex,Tricia, who lives next door. She already has two terriers, but they aren't allowed up here because they like to kill hens as a hobby. Tricia thinks it is a good idea to introduce 'Dixie' to the hens. So that she can "get used to them". So I suppose that means she's going to be a regular visitor. Huh!
Hallo! I live here too you know. A little consultation would have been nice. Not to mention polite.
I have to be on my best behaviour of course. John knows I wouldn't hurt the pup, but Tricia is a nervous wreck every times she sees me with the puppies head in my mouth. I can't imagine why.
Dixie had better behave herself. I'm the top dog around here. My trouble is I'm too good natured. I mean I am aware that all I have to do is give one quick snap and Tricia would not bring that little pain back here in a hurry.
But no I am a German Shepherd. A noble breed. It won't take me long to show the little upstart who's in charge.

Besides, Tricia has promised me a nice big marrow bone if I'm good.


  1. Hang in there Sadie. Those little upstarts eventually stop chewing on their elders' ears.

  2. Well written and nice to meet you Sadie. I don't blame you for having reservations about the new pup. Maa.

  3. Maybe you will be comforted by the thought that the puppy will grow up and not be so cutesy. Perhaps it will tire of your place and decide to hang out with the dogs at her own home. The marrow bone will be nice for a while too.

  4. Don't be too hard on the puppies, Sadie. Remember the old saying 'good things come in small packages' ... maybe the marrow bone will prove to be a distraction.

  5. Duke understands your grumpiness as he has had the same feelings towards a certain lap that has come to visit. He also can relate to the head in mouth scenario. Why do they get so upset about things like that?
    Tell Tricia that a regular supply of treats will be expected if you are to be a proper host to this little pup

  6. Enjoyed reading Sadie's point of view today. Upstarts are always a concern, whether human or animal and especially babies.

  7. This too will pass, Sadie. You're still #1!!

  8. You two might turn out to be good friends. You could always take it under your paw, like a big sister of sorts.

  9. I say, Sadie. You are a clever dog. And don't you go worrying about that pup - a GSD will always command respect ;-)

  10. Sadie you are indeed very noble, and even though that little puppy is so cute, you are number 1 as far as John is concerned. No worries Sadie.

  11. Sadie, You will probably love having a playmate who you can boss around.:)